FW Dresden: two people injured in a fire in an apartment

Dresden fire brigade

Dresden (ots)

Date: October 31 06:12 – 08:30

Location: Försterlingstraße, Leuben

Residents alerted firefighters via emergency call 112 because thick black smoke was emitting from the windows of an apartment on the first floor of an apartment building. When the first district firefighters arrived on site, two squads wearing respiratory protection went ahead with a jet hose to fight the fire. The occupants of the fire department’s apartment (male 35, female 37) had managed to escape to safety before the firefighters arrived. Both received first aid from the emergency services and were transported to hospital with suspected smoke inhalation. Firefighters continue to rescue two cats from the fire department apartment. There were a total of nine people in the object, most of whom managed to get out on their own. A female person was rescued with a fire hood through the stairs. Residents temporarily stayed with friendly neighbors in the neighboring building, which provided them with hot drinks and food. The fire in the kitchen of the fire apartment could be extinguished with a jet hose. Pollutant measurements were made by the underground service. Ventilation measures were therefore required to remove fire smoke from the building. A wet vacuum was used to collect the fire water from the apartment below. The police opened an investigation into the cause of the fire. 41 emergency services were deployed from the Striesen and Übigau fire and rescue stations, the Niedersedlitz subway, underground and district fire brigade stations.

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