Technology Future Macs Will Be Well Equipped With Thunderbolt Ports

Future Macs Will Be Well Equipped With Thunderbolt Ports


Apple has clarified the situation.

Apple’s adoption of ARM processors had raised some technical questions from consumers. Especially with regard to the famous Thunderbolt port. Do not panic, according to Apple, since the Thunderbolt port will be well of the voyage. Apple Silicon chips will support Thunderbolt. The next Mac with ARM processors will therefore be well equipped with Thunderbolt ports.

Good news for some consumers who have already invested in Thunderbolt accessories. The abandonment of the port would have forced some customers of the apple to go back to the checkout to acquire new compatible accessories.

As a reminder, the Thunderbolt 1 & 2 port uses the same connector as the Minidisplay. The Thunderbolt 3 port uses a USB-C connector. The technology is different, however. If a device is not Thunderbolt compatible, it will not be possible to use it with a Thunderbolt accessory, even if the connector allows you to connect it.


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