Future hospital: the mayor of Miniac tackles Saint-Malo and pleads for his town

The mayor of Miniac-Morvan Olivier Compain: “I can already hear from here that I am trying at all costs to bring the hospital to my town. Well no. What I want above all is consistency in this project, to defend common sense and prioritize the collective interest above all”. ©The Malouin Country / Gérard Simonin

The Mayor of Miniac-Morvan (Ille-et-Vilaine) Olivier Compain chose the vows ceremony of his municipality, Friday January 6, 2023, to make a brief announcement which did not go unnoticed about the establishment of the “future hospital” common to Saint-Malo, Dinan and Cancale.

He mentioned “an opportunity to seize”. And it was on the sidelines of the ceremony that we met him, Wednesday January 11, 2023. He explains himself.

“We played the game”

The mayor does not hide not understanding the position of the mayor of Saint-Malo Gilles Lurton, to want to establish the future territorial hospital at Mottais in Saint-Malo. “Initially, Gilles Lurton had asked the municipalities that could to offer land for the establishment of the future hospital. We played the game. We offered 11.5 ha of land behind the Georgelin transport company, on the edge of the dual carriageway and bordering the Côtes-d’Armor. »

Evidence of implantation

For Olivier Compain, this location is obvious:

The land is located on the edge of the 4 lanes, with existing direct accesses, which means that there will be minimal road improvements. In addition, this positioning is consistent with the country of Dinan directly concerned. Another advantage, the Rennes hospital being congested, this establishment would be quickly accessible for the northern sector of Rennes.

Easy access for all

As part of the project to set up the hospital, the mayor recalls “that the ARS (Regional Health Agency) asks that all citizens be, if possible, about 20 minutes away. By positioning the Mottais hospital in Saint-Malo, we put the hinterland of Dinan within one hour of access, while it is part of sector 6 (Saint-Malo/Dinan/Cancale)”.

I therefore find it inadmissible that we persist in putting the new hospital on this site in Saint-Malo, a site which is not as strategically well placed as that of Miniac-Morvan where we could also set up a helicopter to dispatch emergencies in major specialized centres.

Close to the Rennes/Saint Malo and Dinan/Dol de Bretagne interchange, the 11 hectare plot
Close to the Rennes/Saint Malo and Dinan/Dol de Bretagne interchange, the 11-hectare site “reserved” in Miniac-Morvan for the future hospital. ©DR

On the land side

The mayor wishes to recall that “Saint-Malo would use market gardening land, with high value, for an area of ​​11 ha to which must be added another large land area necessary for road access which does not exist. While in Miniac-Morvan, it is agricultural land and access is made. »

“Do something other than politics”

“The state has invested €200 million. It’s been more than 2 months since the decision has to be made. To procrastinate, we risk losing the envelope for a political decision that does not go in the direction of the collective”.

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Admittedly, Mayor Gilles Lurton has a lot of contacts because of his former deputy, but I think today that politicians should do something else and take care of the population a little more.

Olivier Compain insistently recalls “that the hospital is a public utility for the 2 EPCIs (public establishments for inter-municipal cooperation)”.

Place of birth, an unfounded argument

As for the concern of the Malouins in relation to the place of birth, the mayor sweeps away this argument out of hand: “A Malouin who would be born in Miniac-Morvan, would remain Malouin. It is the place of residence that takes precedence and counts. »

The doctors ?

It is argued that they want to leave if the hospital comes to Miniac-Morvan. I honestly think that doing 15 km more for them will not make them change sectors to go to the Creuse.

Especially, he adds, “since many of them already live on the outskirts or outside of Saint-Malo. »

The land will be registered in the PLU

Olivier Compain announces that “concerning the land of Miniac-Morvan, it will be registered in the PLU which is currently being revised. It is already signposted for a public hospital establishment and nothing else. And if that didn’t happen, it would become agricultural land again to avoid eating up land. »

The elected responds in anticipation:

I already hear from here that I am trying at all costs to bring the hospital to my town. Well no. What I want above all is consistency in this project, defending common sense and prioritizing the collective interest above all. This is why I am elected and this is what politicians should think and do.

From our local correspondent Gérard Simonin

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