Future Citroëns will continue to cross automotive segments

The French automaker, which is part of the Stellantis group, recently launched the Citroën C4 X, which combines elements of a fastback, a sedan and an SUV. It follows the similar Citroën C5 X and the Citroën C4, an SUV-style hatchback.

For cars that are not easy to determine whether they are hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs or MPVs, the brand with the double arrow in the emblem wants to continue. While SUVs continue to dominate the sales charts, Citroën strategy chief Laurence Hansen believes customers are increasingly focusing on the features a car needs rather than following a specific trend.

“In each segment, we will have a proposition that will be slightly different from our competitors in terms of how we see mobility – because our customers are completely different,” he said.

Hansen said Citroën won’t necessarily make cars that fit traditional categories. “People look at size first. You could be traditional and say ‘I want a small, medium or large car’, but you can also say ‘I need comfort, space and electric drive,’” he said in an interview.

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