Fürstenfeldbruck: After construction work and an accident, the multi-generation house is missing a weatherproof bus shelter

The scaffolding is crooked, the windbreak walls and the rain roof are missing. There are also no timetable boards. The bus shelter at the “Buchenauer Straße” bus stop is practically unusable.

Fürstenfeldbruck – Those who are not informed can have doubts as to whether the Buchenauer Straße stop is currently being served. The 840 bus stop is right in front of the multi-generation house “Life is Encounter” (LiB) on the Sulzbogen. Events for seniors also take place there. But at the moment the retirees have to stand in the rain when they wait for the bus after a visit.

The bus shelter at the bus stop consists only of several steel girders that jut out into the sky. Some time ago the bus shelter was completely dismantled for road construction work. After the work was finished, it was put up again, but shortly afterwards there was an accident. At the beginning of October, a parcel deliverer rammed the waiting area with his delivery van. So it was no longer usable again.

The city administration has already commissioned the rebuilding of the house, but there are delivery and waiting times, according to the town hall. “That doesn’t happen immediately – especially in Corona times,” says Michael Probst, who is responsible for road construction and maintenance at the city. Sabine Spitz, who is responsible for local public transport in the city, hopes that the house will soon be back in its original condition in front of the multi-generation house.

In December, maybe even in November, the house should finally offer protection from wind and weather again. The driver’s insurance bears the costs of the reconstruction. And despite the lack of a house, the bus continues to run.

Further news from the city of Fürstenfeldbruck can be found here.

Sven Behrens

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