The situation is causing a stir among Arsenal fans on social media:

Captain Martin Ødegaard who is furious with Sambi Lokonga for his lax performance and marking play towards the end of the match.

Ødegaard waves his hands several times, before walking in his direction and saying a few words of truth.

– Man, Ødegaard was so furious with him, notes a Twitter user.

– I have never seen Ødegaard so angry before. He has developed such a “we must win” mentality, replies another.

Hundreds of Arsenal fans worldwide have commented on the incident on Twitter.

– Look how furious Ødegaard is at Lokonga’s lack of vigilance and at his poor marking, comments one.

The media reacts

– Ødegaard is the calmest and calmest supportive guy you have as a captain. But here he can’t hold back his anger at Lokonga, writes another Arsenal fan on Twitter.

The media are also jumping on board. American ESPN writes that “Ødegaard was angry at Lokonga for his positional play”.

More out

Arsenal played well in the 1st half, kept City away, while creating a lot going forward. In the 2nd half there was a bit of a setback. Ødegaard, like several presumed first eleven players, was placed on the bench in the cup match.

With a quarter of an hour to go, Ødegaard entered. It didn’t help this time. But he got a bit of frustration out on the road.

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City, with a goalless Haaland, progressed to the fifth round with their 1-0 victory.

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