Furchner is aiming for the tournament victory with the Grizzlies Wolfsburg

With the game Bremerhaven against Krefeld, the Magenta Sport Cup begins on Wednesday from 7.30 p.m. and thus finally something like an ice hockey season in the German upper house. The Grizzlys Wolfsburg are one of eight participating clubs in this preparatory tournament, which is trend-setting in Corona times. “I don’t believe it until I’m on the ice myself,” says grizzly captain Sebastian Furchnerwho is looking forward to the start: “It’s a competition that we want to win.”

Furchner and Co. can watch the opening duel in front of the television and study two of their group opponents. In addition to Krefeld and Bremerhaven, Düsseldorfer EG is the third Wolfsburg opponent in the preliminary round. Mannheim, Munich, Schwenningen and Berlin play in the second group of four. Ingolstadt, Straubing, Cologne, Iserlohn, Augsburg and Nuremberg have declined to participate for reasons of cost. On Saturday (beginning at 5 p.m., ice arena), the team, which has so far been spared from serious injuries, welcomes the coach Pat Cortina the DEG. Spectators in the stadium are – as everywhere at the moment – not allowed.

Decision on November 19th

The group of grizzlies promises a lot of tension. If the Wolfsburg-based company wants to play a major role in a season that is expected to start on December 18 (the decision will be made on November 19 during a shareholders’ meeting), they must definitely leave Bremerhaven, Düsseldorf and Krefeld behind. Furchner has already taken a look at the opposing squad and dares to make a first assessment.

This is what Furchner says about …

… the duels with Düsseldorf: “DEG is set up in a similar way to last season. It was a strong team there. I expect exciting games in which we have to and want to present ourselves combatively and in terms of attitude. We are very fit and have recently trained a lot of duels. With that we have to compensate in the first few games that the work in the playful area still follows. “

… the duels with Krefeld: “The penguins are an incredibly interesting team. In terms of transfers, I expect them to be strong attacking. But it can also quickly go in the other direction with them. Since they have a lot of players on loan at the moment, it’s hard to say who will play against us. There are many ex-grizzlies in the team. Kai Hospelt and Torsten Ankert are among my closest friends. It’s a shame that we are only allowed to have contact on the ice due to Corona. “

… the duels with Bremerhaven: “I started my professional career there in the second division. The club will always be special to me. He lives from his strength as a team. I’m curious.”

One thing is clear in any case: “In all matches we will see a lot of laughing player faces. The forced break was very long. “


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