Funeral of Andresíková († 79) from Arabella: MANEUVERS WITH THE REST OF AFTER CREMATION!

The ceremony began at 9:30, when exactly 9 family members of the representative of the witch from Arabella were admitted into the ceremonial hall of Chloumek near the Church of the Holy Trinity. None of the colleagues came, apart from the relatives, only a faithful friend Anna Vrbová sat in the mourning hall. The representative of the witch from the series Arabela succumbed to severe pneumonia, but before that doctors diagnosed her with covid-19. And he has already intervened in the funeral home. According to the Minister of Health, the bodies of those who died of the coronavirus should not be buried in the ground. A new law is therefore being prepared. On average, around 90,700 cremations take place annually in the Czech Republic. Nearly 19,000 funerals are associated with being buried.

After the change in the law, these should turn into cremations. Family Andresíkové he already knows how to handle the ashes. “Jana has already had her parents distracted and we are planning the same thing,” he told the daily Aha! son-in-law Jan Vojtěch Binder. “Of course, when the situation is normal. We still don’t know exactly where it should be, “he added.

The funeral of Jana Andresíková († 79), a witch from Arabella: She died underappreciated!

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I’m going to the coffin …

While still alive, the actress asked for the mourning speech of her manager René Kekely. In his speech, he recalled Jana’s incredible sense of humor. “For example, she tripped on a crutch at home in Hvozdnice, fell between the chairs and crushed both shoulders. After about three hours, she finally got to the phone and called an ambulance. Paramedics found her lying on the ground, each hand in a different strangely offset position. The doctor is horrified and says: For God’s sake, Mrs. Andresik, what are you doing? Jana, who must have been incredibly hurt, raised her head slightly and said: But darling, nothing, I’m going to the coffin and I’m looking for a lid. Despite the harsh atmosphere of serious injuries, she made everyone laugh. “

Andresik slowly had no place on her body that would not be broken. While filming Arabella, she also underwent spine surgery, after which she was bedridden for a year. Nevertheless, she managed to make fun of her handicaps. She didn’t let herself be broken. “She always took it with exaggeration, humor and hope that she would be better again. Even the last weeks and months of her life, even though she was already affected by her health situation, she believed and hoped that she would be better again, “Kekely confided.

The role did not materialize

Jana still had a promised role in dubbing, she was to speak her grandmother in a new film about the Addams family. She was really looking forward to the job, but her strength was waning.

FULL RECORD: Andresíková’s funeral († 79): Complaints and remorse for the coffin! Who did her boyfriend lean on?

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