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A funeral director in Indiana has admitted that he kept dozens of bodies for months instead of burying or cremating them. In the funeral home, 31 bodies were stored outside the refrigerator. The bodies were in varying states of decomposition.

The owner of the funeral home, Randy Lankford, has pleaded guilty. He has been charged with not completing funeral services for which he was paid. He faces a prison sentence of twelve years, eight of which are house arrest. His final sentence will be heard in a month. In addition, he must pay almost 43,000 euros in compensation to the surviving relatives.

Strong smell

The City of Jeffersonville Police Department discovered the bodies last July. There were reports of a strong smell emanating from the funeral home. Inside the building, the officers discovered dozens of decomposing bodies. One of the bodies had been there since March last year.

The cremated remains of seventeen other people were also found in the crematorium. According to American media, next of kin had to wait months for the ashes of their loved one, or were later told by the police that it was not the real ashes and their loved ones were never cremated.

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