Funeral company DELA places refrigerated containers because of corona deaths Inland

The other four refrigerated containers are there as a preventive measure, says a spokesperson. It is once again crowded with the deceased who need a refrigerated place until the funeral, usually a period of five or six days. DELA expects crowds in the coming period, especially in regions such as South Limburg and East Brabant.

dignified funeral

“The flu epidemic is normal for this time of year. Now the deaths from corona are added,” said the spokesperson. “We know that it is getting busier and that the need for those cooled berths will increase. We are doing everything we can to ensure a dignified funeral, and we don’t want to say no when someone dies, so that’s why we are installing those cooling units as the first measure.”

During the first corona wave in March last year and the wave at the beginning of this year, refrigerated containers were also placed at the funeral homes. “Unfortunately, we are now prepared for it,” said the spokesman.


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