Fundraiser Account Created for Fatal Assault Victim in Yakima | Sun

“His only time and dedication was his daughter, there was nothing but his daughter,” said Rocío Ramos-Martínez’s cousin in a telephone conversation.

“She was very creative, she knew how to sew, make cakes, she was a Pandora box,” added Ana Martínez, who received Ramos-Martínez when she arrived from Mexico to the Yakima Valley almost three years ago.

Ramos-Martínez, 30, died Monday at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle from injuries sustained after being attacked, according to eyewitness testimony, by the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Luberto Fernández Rodríguez, reported the Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper.

“She did not deserve this, she was very loved, she was an excellent mother,” added Martinez.

Ramos-Martínez’s family opened an account GoFundme on Facebook to raise funds for cremation expenses, Valeria Ramos reported by phone.

People interested in donating can do so directly to the GoFundme account that the family opened:


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