Fundación Cepsa and Amate reinforce care for people with breast cancer and their families

Cepsa Foundation visit to Amate

The `EducaSalud´ project, awarded in the Social Value Awards, allows the service to be brought to La Gomera and El Hierro for the first time. The initiative emphasizes offering information, training and advice

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Cepsa Foundation and the Tenerife Breast Cancer Association (Amate) have strengthened care for people with breast cancer and their families through the ‘EducaSalud’ project, which since last January has served 710 people through of its information, training and advisory service, and which aims to reach close to 800 until its conclusion, at the end of next August.

The project, one of the five winners of the Fundación Cepsa 2020 Social Value Awards, has made it possible to reinforce the entity’s scope of action, implementing the service that has been routinely provided in Tenerife and expanding it, for the first time, to the islands of La Gomera and El Hierro.

The head of Fundación Cepsa in the Canary Islands, Belén Machado, and the solidarity godmother of the project at Cepsa, Cristina Martín-Carbajal, visited the Amate facilities to see first-hand the support work carried out with the women’s group with breast cancer. The meeting was attended by the president of Amate, Mari Carmen Bonfante, and the person in charge of the `EducaSalud´ project, Claudia Héctor, accompanied by part of the entity’s work team.

Belén Machado stressed the importance of the care provided by Amate to people affected by this disease, adding that “their presence now also in La Gomera and El Hierro allows them to overcome the limitations that exist on these islands to access key services for their physical and mental well-being, and to normalize their daily activity. He also highlighted the “important work carried out by this association in order to raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer, an aspect that is fundamental and to which special attention must be paid.”

For her part, the president of Amate, Carmen Bonfante, valued the award granted by the Cepsa Foundation and highlighted that “it is a great pride and incentive for our association to have been selected for the Cepsa Foundation award,” which it has made it possible to “fulfill the dream of reaching more people.” Likewise, he hoped that public organizations will continue to help to continue with this project, since “people affected by cancer in the islands outside the capital deserve the same attention as those who live in Tenerife.”

The `EducaSalud´ project

The actions of the ‘EducaSalud’ project focus on personalized care for breast cancer patients in order to help them face their new situation in the best possible conditions.

In this sense, the psychology service is one of the most demanded and most helpful for users. Likewise, the association incorporates other activities that can improve their quality of life through physiotherapy sessions, oncological aesthetics or nutrition, to which the support of social workers is also added.

In addition to these personalized services, Amate carries out an intense effort to raise awareness of the population through talks and workshops on early detection of breast cancer, given by a psychologist specializing in oncology.

`EducaSalud´ has cared individually in Tenerife to 166 people and has given 23 talks (online, due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic) to which 400 people have attended. In La Gomera, 42 people have benefited from the services to date, while more than a hundred have participated in 11 talks and a workshop.

The commitment to working on the myths and fears existing in society about breast cancer and delving into the risk factors are some of the main aspects addressed in the talks. They are joined by others, such as publicizing how to do a breast self-examination, learning to detect different signs that may indicate the presence of breast cancer, and developing healthy lifestyle habits that help prevent future diseases.

In the case of El Hierro, Amate has focused its work on giving visibility to the association and is working towards the consolidation of the service on that island.

Social Value Awards

The Social Value Awards are one of the most outstanding initiatives of Fundación Cepsa. The objective of these awards, whose periodicity is annual, focuses on supporting the least favored people, groups and sectors, in addition to promoting values ​​of solidarity. For this, the entity counts on the involvement of Cepsa professionals, who sponsor the programs presented by the NGOs.

The next call for these awards, which are a shock to social entities, will open in the first half of September.



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