“Functioning Guy” PD fundamental extreme profession! Baobi PD is about to resign, remembering his crucifixion: slide in the mud, lightning to the midsection, smell of toes

Foot sniffing is the restrict of the tale, appropriate? XDD Main “Functioning Male” PD Choi Baopil determined to move down earlier this month and several viewers felt pretty unhappy. Rethinking the approach of transformation of Baobi PD from the youngest PD to the primary PD is not simple. Not only did he have to individually test numerous punishments, but he also skilled many problems. The community has normally exclaimed: “The” Running Guy “PD is only an excessive job!” Wanting back again on the most complicated times in Baobi PD’s career: Tumble into the mud and look for a needle in a haystack to discover the shoes(EP.396) Though it is already a subject of “talking about rot”, it ought to be a scene that tends to make me chortle each time I look at it! The full tale goes like this … Lee Kwang Soo did not be reluctant to operate into the intertidal zone to escape, even even though his combating spirit is worthy of respect, it is exhausting the entire team! Choi Bao-pil, the youngest PD at the time, was ordered to remember Lee Kwang-soo. It was pretty hard to get into the quagmire and even Liu Jae-suk could not stand it due to the fact he experienced to enable Lee Kwang-soo drop and try to eat shit “Compared to us, glimpse Bao-pil …”

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Jogging Guy – Subs Official Channel 截圖)

Yishen’s ashamed misery of Bao Pil’s isn’t above however, and he will have to return to the tidal haystack to obtain a needle in a haystack to retrieve the footwear sponsored by Lee Kwang-soo. As guilty, it seems that Lee Kwang-soo’s purchase to have nothing to do with him: “I’m sorry anyone! If they have been my footwear Alright, but that’s the sponsor, make positive you find him! The solar is placing, remember to hurry! “

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Managing Person – Subs Official Channel 截圖)

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Attempt the sport from flash to lifetime(EP.461) The PD will inevitably have to examination the activity on their personal. On a certain mission, Liu Zaixi, Liang Shican and other folks unsuccessful the problem, so they named Baobi to listen to how tricky the challenge was. Bao Pil’s situation is even worse than the customers, and he will finish with a big scream and maintain his daily life …

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Guy – Subs Official Channel 截圖)

When Baobi was a youngster, he underwent medical procedures thanks to scoliosis, so his lifetime wasn’t pretty great. Fortunately, he generally he exercised. After several yrs, his lifetime seemed balanced (?) And he could stand up extra than 30 occasions (according to “Gym Bell”). place”).

(Photo Source: YouTube @ 김종국 Screenshot by GYM JONG KOOK)(Photo Source: YouTube @ 김종국 Screenshot by GYM JONG KOOK)

(Photo Resource: YouTube @ 김종국 Screenshot by Health club JONG KOOK)

By the way, Baobi has suffered more than this time to examination the sport. Previously, EP.248 also aired a image of him hoping to “drop from earlier mentioned”. I should have tested various games privately. Difficult. “▼ Movie

Members will be slapped for disobedience(EP.497) Soon after a couple a long time, Bao Pil has ultimately taken on the part of primary PD, but it was not a fantastic thing to fulfill Lee Kwang Soo. EP.497 Focus activity, Lee Kwang-soo was distracted and R cash stolen immediately after recurring attempts. The 3rd time, Lee Kwang Soo could not enable but slap Bao Bi, and Bao Bi himself assumed it was humorous.

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Subs Entertainment Restaurant 截圖)(圖 源 : YouTube @ Subs Entertainment Restaurant 截圖)

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Subs Leisure Cafe 截圖)

There experienced been a match right before, and Lee Kwang-soo felt that Bao-bi was partial to Quan Zhao-min and counted the selection of watermelon seeds, so he started off devoid of expressing a phrase. ▼ Video

Determine who is the offender(EP.538) There was a stench of drums when everyone took off their shoes. Liang Shican later built a modest silent report with Liu Zaixi, saying that the stench arrived from Quan Zhaomin. For the sake of fairness, they all made the decision to enable Baobi odor them 1 by a single … As a consequence, the perpetrator was Yang Shichan, who 1st sued Jeon Somin!

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)(圖 源 : YouTube @ Running Man - Subs Official Channel 截圖)

(圖 源 : YouTube @ Jogging Person – Subs Official Channel 截圖)

To be a PD, you have to odor your feet … This is in all probability an significant vital for quite a few viewers to believe that “Jogging Person” PD is an extraordinary occupation! ▼ Video clip

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