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Hoyerswerda. Unusual result of an unusual song festival: Because of the anti-virus protection, there was the open stage on Friday only with sound via online stream on Radio Slubfurt and a competition concert on Saturday, at which the audience saw the artists from different perspectives thanks to the Internet recording – without changing the place.

And there has never been anything like it: the winners of all three ratings are female. “Full female power,” says Uwe Proksch from the KulturFabrik Hoyerswerda, which has been organizing the song festival for almost a quarter of a century together with Gundermanns Seilschaft and Pro Folk eV. On Friday, the Radio Slubfurt listeners convinced a Cottbus woman. Clara alias Kathrin Clara Jantke released her new single “Das Beste” a few days ago. She also presented her song “Meine Politik”, a kind of appeal for peacefulness in public discourse.

Under normal circumstances, she would have played in the competition on Saturday – but it was pre-recorded. “Tomorrow’s concert has already taken place. That is a sentence that the brain has to process first, ”said the Radio Slubfurt presenter. At the concert in question, the jury, which was then connected via zoom, and the viewers participating via web voting were pretty much in agreement.

The jury-Hoyschrecke goes to Die Nowak. Rebekka Maier from Sinzing near Regensburg is behind the name of art. Among other things, how she sang ravishingly viciously on the piano against the “gravel gardener” with stone front garden or sang about a “building child” with over-committed parents, also convinced the audience. They voted the woman from Upper Palatinate in second place. The public Hoyschrecke, on the other hand, was awarded second place in the jury. Paula Linke from Leipzig was originally not invited at all when the selection committee viewed the 30 or so applications. But because the Berliner Marlene Colle had to be quarantined, the Leipzig woman moved up. Among other things, she had a song in her repertoire that revolves around a sad old octopus in the Mediterranean: The animal sees refugee after refugee drowning there and can do nothing more than carry the dead to the shore.

Third place in both ratings went to a chemistry doctor from Jena. Dr. Tim Liebert – with a bald head, a long beard and suspenders, has been a songwriter for almost forever. The Thuringian calls himself Doc Fritz and can, for example, sing fascinating songs about train journeys. According to Uwe Proksch, an average of 180 music friends watched on Saturday. And because they switched off and on again and again, there will have been more than 200 in the end – so many people could hardly have been accommodated in the hall of the community center. Probably there, however, the horrors should be handed over – if possible, at a prize winners’ concert on February 20, one day before the 66th birthday of the song festival co-founder Gerhard Gundermann († 1998). The horrors are ready. Helge Niegel made two sculptures again. They are waiting for better times.

The open stage can be heard on the Radio Slubfurt website and the Saturday concert can be found on YouTube.


Competition: Doc Fritz alias Dr. Tim Liebert (Jena), Masha Potempa (Leipzig), Johannes Molz (Regensburg), Elena Seeger (Stuttgart), Die Nowak alias Rebekka Maier (Sinzing), Miro alias Mirko Seifert (Dresden), Paula Linke (Leipzig), Josef Hien ( Munich)

open stage: Maik Pistiak (Frankfurt / Oder), Truckenbrot & Schenk (alias Mathias Klement and Daniela Schenk), Samuel Beck (Berlin), Klaus Beirich (Radebeul), Johan Meijer (Holland), Dito (alias Dieter Krüger and Torsten Rose) , Die Seentaucherin (alias Christine Ratei), Maria Schüritz (Leipzig), Anne Dietlind Wauer (Berlin), Björn Reich (Gießen), Clara (alias Kathrin Clara Jantke)

Paula Linke was ahead in the audience’s favor. The jury, in turn, awarded the Leipzig woman the silver rank. Third place in each case: Doc Fritz. © Photo: KuFa / Torsten Lützner

Clara is the winner of the public vote on Friday.

Clara is the winner of the public vote on Friday. © Photo: PR

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