Full wolf victory in the Court of Appeal: Felling illegal

The animal protection organization NOAH went to court in 2020 to prevent the shooting of the Letjenna herd inside the wolf zone.

On Wednesday, the organization announces in a press release that NOAH won a full victory in the Court of Appeal.

– NOAH has now won against the state in two courts. The state has thus, with invalid application of the law, shot critically endangered wolves inside the wolf zone where they are to be given priority, says leader of NOAH, Siri Martinsen.

Cheers to the result

She is clear that this is a very important victory.

– The ruling gives critically endangered animals in Norway the legal protection they should have, and which the state has systematically deprived them of in recent years. This is a very important victory, says Martinsen.

WIN: Leader of NOAH, Siri Martinsen, has every reason to be pleased with the Court of Appeal’s decision. Photo: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / NTB.

The leader of the animal welfare organization is clearly pleased with the result.

– It is the court’s task to ensure that laws and international agreements are followed even if there is strong pressure from some political circles and industries to the contrary. The Court of Appeal has taken this responsibility seriously, and given a strong signal to the state that they have moved outside the law in the management of critically endangered wolves in Norway, says Martinsen.

The appeal was rejected

The Court of Appeal’s conclusion was as follows:

“The Court of Appeal has concluded that the application of the law in the decision is incorrect, and that the decision is therefore invalid. After this, it is not necessary for the Court of Appeal to address the question of whether the purpose of the extraction could have been achieved in another way, cf. the Biodiversity Act § 18 second paragraph. There is also no need to go further into the allegations of procedural errors and incorrect facts ».

“The appeal will then be rejected.”

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