Full paper for the Boxers and a dirty evening for Anglet

The Boxers themselves rolled out the scoring to their liking, with the exception of the first third, and didn’t hesitate to get their first card of the season with flawless defense this time and an offensive team that feasted and entertained Mériadeck. This did not prevent Olivier Dimet from being more and more demanding: “I was waiting for the victory, there is. We know that a derby has to be won. And there we win 6-0, it’s clean even if in the middle, we could have done better. Especially in the first two thirds. Next, we must recognize that Anglet is belittled. We will be satisfied with the 3 points, but our performance is lackluster throughout the game. I would have liked to have seen a more complete game from start to finish. “

Valier opens the sign

However, the Angloys had hammered before this derby that they would come to Gironde with a knife in their teeth, firmly determined to hang on their first win of the season. No better than a derby to reach the company. At the end of the first period, this Bordeaux-Anglet kept its promises. Commitment, intensity, play with quality phases and defenses on hot coals. In addition, Fouquerel and Loubier, the two goalkeepers, were subjected to a heavy fire, because the two teams played the transition phases thoroughly.

“We will be satisfied with the 3 points, but our performance is lackluster throughout the game”

And if the Boxers are 1-0 ahead, they owe it to their power-play since the first numerical superiority Valier is at the end of a movement initiated by Spinozzi and relayed by Levesque. The kind of opportunity the Girondin striker rarely misses. Be that as it may, the Basques fought to do better than resist by multiplying even regular attacks on counterattacks carried out smoothly. However, the end of this first act will have been all to Bordeaux’s advantage even if they failed to worsen the score.

And the score has grown

If Anglet has held his rank until then, this will not be the case in a second act dominated from head to shoulder by enterprising, faster, more powerful, more physical Boxers. Except for the first two minutes in which the Basques could have equalized without the rescue of Fouquerel. If Loubier fought like a handsome devil in his cage to avoid the worst, he can’t do anything about this doubled pass between Guillaume and Salo, the last Finnish rookie who ends up at the back of the net, even if Guillaume has to do it twice (28And). Loubier’s ordeal is not over. But he’s very happy to see the puck hit his crossbar on a Legault shot and in the same minute as Prissaint.

But luck has its downside. While Baron, Angloy, is on the ground, Prissaint on the left unleashes an almost harmless shot that Loubier lets slip into his shirt and between his legs (3-0, 44And). A Loubier who will have no regrets as a powerful shot from Spinozzi crashes into his right upright. Suffice it to say that the bill could have been a lot more salty.

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