Full commitment for four-legged friends: firefighter risks life to save dog from fire hell

When a female dog was caught in the flames in a barn fire, a firefighter didn’t hesitate and ran into the burning building.

The volunteer fire department “Lititz Fire Company” was quickly on site when a barn was in flames in Warwick Township in the US state of Pennsylvania. On site, the emergency services drew up a plan and prepared to fight the fire. People were not in the barn, as reported by theanimalrescuesite.com. But suddenly an excited neighbor came running and reported that a bitch was trapped in the fire hell.



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Fireman runs into burning building to save bitch

“When we get to a barn fire, we usually treat the situation as ‘surround and drown,’ which means we surround the structure, protect all nearby areas, and put massive amounts of water on the fire until it goes out,” explains the fire brigade on Facebook. But it was clear to firefighter Ryan Balmer: First there must be a rescue operation to get the dog out of the flames. He did not hesitate and ran towards the burning barn, smashed a window and climbed in – even though the building was blazing!

Here you can see the brave rescue operation:

Fortunately, he discovered the dog very quickly inside, she was frightened but not injured. He took her to the window through which he had come and climbed out again with the four-legged friend in his arms. There the panicked animal broke loose and ran to his family. Fortunately, neither fireman Balmer nor the dog was injured during the rescue operation. The fire brigade then extinguished the fire according to the “surround and drown” principle. “We are grateful for firefighter Rayn Balmer’s quick action on this day to save the bitch’s life,” said a Facebook post by the “Lititz Fire Company”.


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