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On the evening of December 31, ChinawelfareLottery Shuangseqiu game No. 2020134 draw, this is also the last draw of 2020 Shuangseqiu.The current two-color ball blowout 48 shots super value first prize, single shotbonusIt is 5.38 million yuan. What’s exciting is that among the 48 bets in the first prize, Fujian lottery won 37 bets, becoming the biggest winner of the two-color ball at the end of 2020! ! !

Of the 37 first prizes from Fujian, 5 bets went to the Fucai 35080753 Lottery Station, No. 68 Binhe Road, Sanmingsha County. The winning lottery ticket was a 5x 6+2 multiple ticket, and 5 first prizes were won. 5 notes on the second prize, the total bonus amounted to more than 27.33 million yuan!

On the morning of January 4, the grand prize winner Mr. Zhao (surnamed Hua) took his daughter to the Fujian Welfare Lottery Center to redeem the prize.

  Intentionally planting flowers but not blooming, unintentionally planting willows will create shade

Mr. Zhao has been a veteran lottery player for more than ten years. He has been buying lottery since Sanming has a lucky lottery station. There is a lottery station near his home. He usually plays a few lottery tickets when he is free. Mr. Zhao said that winning the big prize this time was purely a surprise. “I was in a hurry that day. I just looked at the winning numbers list at the lottery station. I bought the lottery ticket in less than two minutes. I habitually played 5 times and didn’t even think about it!” This is for Mr. Zhao, who often ponders and chooses numbers for a long time In other words, it was just an ordinary experience. He himself didn’t expect the huge prize to come so unexpectedly. He really wanted to plant flowers without blooming, and accidentally planted willows and willows into shade!

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Mr. Zhao doesn’t know how to check the lottery numbers online. He often asks the site owner to help check if he won the lottery the next time he buys a lottery. “I didn’t know that I won the lottery that night. When I passed another lottery station the next day, I remembered that the lottery ticket I bought yesterday hadn’t won the prize. I went in to check it and found out that good luck had come quietly!” A little excited.

After buying lottery tickets for so many years, Mr. Zhao only won 3000 yuan and dozens of small prizes once, but he never cared about the gains or losses. “I don’t buy more every issue, just as the lottery is a seed of hope, giving myself a hope of winning the jackpot, and also bringing hope to those in need.” Mr. Zhao said calmly to himself Lottery mentality.

  Life is impermanent, peace is good

The sudden bonus broke the peace of life. After learning that they had won the prize, Mr. Zhao’s family was not too excited, but rather worried. Mr. Zhao’s daughter worried: “We are all scared after seeing some unexpected news after winning the prize. Life is impermanent, and peace is good.” For Mr. Zhao’s family, safety and health are blessings.

Talking about the purpose of the bonus, Mr. Zhao said that he would treat the matter with a normal heart, except forimproveOutside of life, he will try his best to help relatives and friends. “We are ordinary people. We are very grateful to Fucai for giving our family the opportunity to get rich overnight, so that my wife and I can live in peace of mind. In the future, we will continue to live in a low-key manner, often buy lottery tickets, and pass on the blessings to more People!” Mr. Zhao said.

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(Source: Fujian Welfare)

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