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Fujian issues warning to prevent cold wave and freezing damage_impact

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Original title: Fujian issued warning to prevent cold wave and freezing damage

Fuzhou Evening News reported that the strong cold air began to affect northern Xinjiang today and will sweep across the north and south of my country in the next few days. The Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave warning at 12:00 on the 26th. From the night of the 29th, the temperature in the province began to drop significantly, and cold wave weather will appear in most parts of the province. During the New Year’s Day holiday, the province’s weather is cold, but there is basically no rain, mainly sunny to cloudy.

Yesterday afternoon, Fuzhou ushered in the long-lost sunshine, and the temperature rose rapidly. The daily high temperature recorded by the Wushan Weather Station was 19℃. The good and warm weather is expected to last for a few more days, and the daily high temperature in Rongcheng may rise to 23°C in the afternoon. However, the cold wave has been “shipped.”

The Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicts that under the influence of strong cold air, the temperature of the whole province will drop significantly from the night of the 29th, and the minimum temperature will drop to 11℃~15℃ in the northern part of Fujian Province, and most of the rest will be 8℃~10℃. The extreme minimum temperature will appear from the 30th to the 31st, and the minimum temperature in the three cities of Nanping, Sanming, Longyan and the northwestern part of Ningde will drop below 0°C with freezing. Among them, the lowest temperature in the northwest of Nanping, the west of Sanming, and the northwest of Ningde will reach -7℃~-5℃; some Linhai counties and cities along the central and southern coastal areas will reach 5℃~7℃; most of the rest will be 0℃~4℃, with frost or Frost.

Due to the strong cold air force, there is basically no rain and the temperature is low in the province during the New Year’s Day holiday. There is icing in the northwest of our province, and the minimum temperature in the urban areas of these areas may drop below 0℃. All localities must pay attention to low-temperature freezing damage and do a good job in the maintenance of hydropower facilities and traffic safety. The public must also pay attention to the possible adverse effects of low temperature in advance.

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