Fugitive from Tangerang prison, Cai Changpan found dead hanging himself in Bogor

MANTRA SUKABUMI – A fugitive from the Tangerang prison a few weeks ago, Cai Changpan has now ended miserably. Prison prisoner escape, ending at Bogor on Saturday (17 October 2020) morning.

Cai Changpan was found dead by way hang yourself in a tire burning warehouse, in the area Bogor. Whereas previously he had threatened a security guard at the warehouse where Cai Changpan was hiding.

“Die hang yourself, “said Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus to reporters on Saturday. Quoted by mantrasukabumi.com which was reported by wartaekonomi.co.id on Sunday (18 October 2020).

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However, Yusri was still reluctant to reveal the tools that Changpan used for hang yourself. This is because the police are still investigating the results of the on-site examination and the results of the autopsy.

“We are (also) still examining witnesses at the time of the raid and we find that the person concerned committed suicide,” said Yusri.

The police found Changpan dead at a tire burning warehouse in Jasinga, County Bogor, West Java on Saturday morning. The location is still in a forest area. Now Changpan’s body is being autopsied at the National Police Hospital.

Changpan’s whereabouts were discovered thanks to a report from a factory security guard. “(Police) got information from the security guard that there is a DPO (wanted list) who often spend the night, but not every day,” Yusri told reporters on Saturday.

He also reported it to the authorities. “The team moved there this morning to carry out raids. We find (Changpan) dead hang yourself, “said Yusri. Changpan’s body is currently being autopsied at the Police Hospital.


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