Fuel Bonus extended to new categories: who is eligible

PRICES ON – I fuel prices have been recording an almost constant growth for months now (although there has been a decline in recent days) and this is why the government has decided to extend the cut in excise duties on several occasions (the new extension should be in force until the end November). To this extent the executive led by Mario Draghi joined the petrol bonuswhich is automatically assigned by private companies to employees, including professional firms and road hauliers, forced to bear heavy loads for refueling. It has now been decided to further extend this possibility to one wider audienceaware of how the current situation should not be underestimated.

ADVANTAGES COMING FOR OTHER CATEGORIES – The extension of the provision was included in the draft of the Aid Decree Ter (approved by the Council of Ministers on September 16, 2022), which should soon enter the Official Gazette. Agricultural, agro-mechanical and fishing companies will now also be able to benefit from the bonus, which will be entitled to a tax credit equal to 20% of the costs incurred for the purchase of diesel and petrol used in the vehicles used for the activities, as well as to heat greenhouses and buildings. We therefore underline the attention to the higher expenses that many companies will have to face in this period due to the increase in the cost of gas. The legislation also specifies how to act to obtain the subsidy: this is in fact valid “for expenses incurred during the fourth quarter of the year, that is to say from October to December 2022, which must be proven through the relevant purchase invoices, net of tax on value added”.

HOW TO USE CREDIT – The fuel bonus it can only be used in compensation until 30 June 2023 or until 31 December 2023. Agricultural, agro-mechanical and fishing companies may decide to transfer the tax credit also to credit institutions and other similar bodies. Those who benefit from the sale must apply for a compliance visa in which they confirm that they have the necessary requirements

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