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The FSI-USAE union has just appointed the new National Coordination of the Healthcare Department. Here are all the names.

Tasks assigned to the new National Coordinators. The opening of a national dispute campaign has been approved. The meeting of the National Health Department Coordination of the FSI-USAE (Federation of Independent Trade Unions constituent organization of the USAE Confederation) in which the delegates of the various Regions who took on the role of National Fund Coordinators.

The meeting was also an opportunity to analyze the various legal and contractual issues that afflict the sector and which, with the pandemic from SARS COVID 2, contributed to the further sinking of the NHS.

In this regard, in his speech the Secretary General of the Federation, Adam Bonazzi He said: “Health workers were hailed as heroes during the time of the extreme emergency but they have all forgotten about them already, as if a few small change was enough to demonstrate the country’s gratitude to them. Need anything else. We need to think about contractual renewals with satisfactory salary increases, a new legal position and to open the doors of management to the careers of the professions. “

During the meeting, the scheduling of the meetings of the national category coordinators was also scheduled as follows:

  • the National Coordination of Nurses the next 16/09/2020;
  • the National coordination PSTRP (Technical, Rehabilitation and Prevention Professions) on 18/09/20;
  • the National Coordination of Administrators the 22/09/20;
  • the National Coordination of Midwives the next 24/09/20.

In the seat of National Fund Coordination it has also been established to activate a dispute throughout the national territory against health and hospital companies so that they take charge of the registration fees for the order which is a necessary condition for professionals in the sector to carry out their work.

The meeting was attended and accepted by the related appointment as National Fund Coordinator: Orifici Salvatore e Peace Josephine (Piemonte), Beatrice walls and Campus Mariangela (Sardinia) Bearded Juliet Emanuela e Calandruccio Pasquale (Calabria), Santi Tania (Veneto), De Guglielmo Fernanda (Molise) Bedetti Daniele (Emilia-Romagna) and finally Calogero Rabbit (Sicily).

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