Frustrated Quartararo fails to overtake Marquez in MotoGP Japan

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Yamaha rider Fabio Quartararo admits he is frustrated with the results a MotoGP 2022.

Quartararo finished in eighth place at the 2022 Japanese MotoGP which took place at the Motegi circuit on Sunday (25/9).

After the Japanese MotoGP race, Quartararo admitted he was frustrated because his bike was too slow.


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He was annoyed that he couldn’t compete with Jack Miller in the leading group.

“With all the circumstances and with what has happened, of course I would say that it is better to take eight points than to lose eight,” said Quartararo.

“But it is good on the one hand, but frustrating on the other because I feel that our potential is not to fight for sure with Jack, because today he was on another level,” added Quartararo.

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He was also angry because he actually had the opportunity to compete with Marc Marquez and Miguel Oliveira who were competing in the second group. Marquez himself managed to finish fourth in the Japanese MotoGP.

“But to fight Marc [Marquez]Miguel [Oliveira adalah mungkin]But I couldn’t overtake at all, I was behind and we drove completely differently from the other drivers. I was chasing in sectors two and three, and in sectors four and one I lost a lot, “said Quartararo.

“So it was frustrating because I could have gone faster, but I didn’t. We also made mistakes when we changed something before the race. Not the tires, but something that slowed our pace a bit,” he said. Quartararo added.

Despite only finishing in eighth place, Quartararo is still leading the MotoGP rider standings in 2022 with a score of 219 points.

Now Quartararo has managed to extend the distance from his main competitor, Francesco Bagnaia, by 18 points, who is now collecting 201 points.

Bagnaia himself was unable to add points in the Japanese MotoGP after crashing while trying to overtake Quartararo on the last lap.

The next race will be held in Thailand. Live streaming MotoGP Thailand 2022Sunday (2/10), it can be watched via and streamed live on Trans7.


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