“Frustrated at not being able to become a firefighter”? A teenager arrested and placed in police custody after fire starts in Hyères

For 24 hours, the inhabitants of the Almanarre district, and the staff of the health establishments, located nearby – Pomponiana-Olbia and Léon-Bérard _, very worried by the series of fire starts that have occurred since June 9, have been reassured.

A minor was arrested late Thursday afternoon by police officers from the Hyères police station when he had just set fire to a suburban area near the Les Îles d’Or residence. .

Led to the premises of the police station, the minor, a Hyérois was still, this Friday, placed in police custody. Nothing has filtered on the operating mode.

Twelve fire starts listed

According to our information, he would have used different firings in this urbanized and wooded area. Twelve outbreaks of fire at any time of day and night mobilized firefighters and national and municipal police forces.

This had not failed to create an anxiety-provoking climate in the neighborhood. During his police custody, the teenager would have said to himself “frustrated that I couldn’t become a firefighter“His arrest in flagrante delicto is the culmination of a long investigation by urban security police officers, who, after careful checks, ruled out several leads.

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