Froukje de Both: ‘Own Home & Garden is a real gift’ | Entertainment

entertainment">For Froukje feels Own Home & Garden: Good Life a little bit like coming home. She presented the original program five years ago and now returns to the old nest on RTL4, although that has changed a bit. “It is of course a title that everyone knows well, but in a different form,” she says. “The content is largely the same, but we are much more diverse and do a lot more different things.”

entertainment">In addition to the well-known chores in and around the house, there is also attention for cleaning, pet care and beauty items. “It is very diverse, but with a coherent factor,” says Froukje. “Due to corona, people have become much more aware of how nice it is to be at home, to do chores and to be busy. This program provides inspiration for everything that has to do with it. ”

‘In times of corona’

entertainment">Although Froukje has been around in the TV world for quite some years now Own Home & Garden: Good Life only her first daily program. “It suits me very much, it is great fun and in any case it is great in times of corona that you get a daily program. Really a gift. ”

entertainment">The new Eigen Huis & Tuin is recorded from a farm in De Bilt and, unlike the competition (Tijd voor MAX on NPO 1 and the 5 Hour Show on SBS6), it is not live. “We are not on current affairs. This sets us apart from the other programs, ”says Froukje, who does not want to speak of an ‘afternoon war’. She and the rest of the program team want to keep the focus on themselves and not look too much at the viewing figures.

entertainment">“It would be naive not to be involved at all, but the focus is not initially on that. Then you all end up in a kind of tension that is not healthy for the program ”, says Froukje. “Hopefully we will have plenty of time to put it down.”

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