From Toulouse, ​Imajing is looking for new talents to support its growth

The discreet, but not inactive, Imajing is forced out of its golden setting. Installed in Labège in a wooden house surrounded by a large garden, this SME specializing in the design of cameras to map, inventory and monitor linear infrastructures (rail, road) wants to let people know that it is recruiting. Seven positions (engineers, researchers and heads of artificial intelligence) are to be filled but the candidates are not jostling at the gate. Airbus Defense and Space is in the running, looking for the same profiles. “We are not visible and that does not help us”, observes Étienne Lamort de Gail, the founding president of Imajing. “Yet I make sure that the employees feel happy. I pay them properly. »

Another argument put forward by the manager: the company, whose capital is majority-owned by its president, is doing well. “We have a lot of cash, and a good financing capacity,” says this former electronics and computer engineer, even if fundraising is a regular subject of reflection. But the boss does not manage to take the plunge, in order to maintain his independence.

Subsidiary in Romania

In fourteen years of existence, Imajing has come a long way. Present in forty countries, this SME has just marketed the third generation of its best-selling camera under the Imajbox brand. In Istanbul, this technology inspected 2,500 km of road network in twelve weeks to assess the condition of more than 60,000 lampposts.

Imajing announces the launch of a new model of 360 degree sensor for service companies and utility managers. Attached to the roof or windshield of a vehicle, these tools collect georeferenced information down to the centimeter. Then these images can be processed by software with the help of artificial intelligence and shared on an internet platform.

The company won a contract last January with the Société d’exploitation du Transgabonais, owned by the mining group Eramet. Imajing employs nineteen people near Toulouse and twenty in Craiova, Romania. It records a turnover of 2.2 million euros in 2021.

Audrey Sommazi

Pictured: Founding President Étienne Lamort de Gail. Credits: Imajing.

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