From today, new restrictions in schools and universities; most will study remotely – in Latvia

At the end of the students’ autumn holidays, as of today, full-time studies will be implemented only in the 1st-6th classes, while 7-12. Grade students will study remotely, according to the amendments adopted by the government on October 13 to the regulations on epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection. From today until November 15, the study process in higher education institutions must take place partly remotely also in higher education institutions.

This decision was taken in order to reduce the rapid deterioration of the epidemiological situation and not to contribute to the further spread of the disease in educational institutions.

At the same time, the website of the State Education Content Center (VISC) indicates that the current regulations stipulate that from today to October 30, studies in educational institutions in grades 7-12 take place remotely, however, taking into account the specifics of special institutions and the need for day-to-day support measures, these educational establishments are allowed to carry out on-site training for as long as the epidemiological situation in the municipality concerned allows.

According to the information provided by VISC, distance learning in 7th-12th grades can be implemented with a teacher online or by the student performing learning tasks individually or in cooperation with other students. Full-fledged online learning requires participants to see and hear each other in real time, emphasizes the center.

VISC also informs that in the spring, when a state of emergency was declared throughout Latvia, the center together with “Skola2030” experts developed various support materials, which may be useful even now. All materials can be found on the VISC website.

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The most important thing to remember is to plan the total workload during the distance learning, to establish a communication system that is understandable and predictable for all users, to offer targeted and systematic learning support, and to provide social and emotional support to all parties involved.

As recent cases have also been reported in university students, amendments to the regulations on epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection aim to limit student gatherings.

It has been determined that the teaching process in higher education institutions will partly take place remotely. A semi-remote learning process means that lectures take place remotely, but practical classes that are important for students to acquire practical skills can take place in person, with strict precautions.

Until now, higher education institutions have been invited to determine the study process as far as possible.

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