From today, mouth and nose masks must be worn in public places – in Latvia – News

Other restrictions take effect on October 17.

Mouth and nose pads should be used not only on public transport but also at points of sale, including supermarkets, post offices, petrol stations and other points of sale. Their use will also be mandatory at railway stations, bus stations, airports, as well as cultural and religious venues, provided that there is no event organized in fixed, personalized seating.

Mouth and nose masks will also have to be used, for example, by visitors to museums, exhibition halls, libraries, religious sites if they have gone there to see a museum exposition, exhibition, attend a service or for other similar reasons.

However, if an event is held in these places, such as a library or a place of religious activity, where persons are in fixed personalized seating, persons will not have to use mouth and nose covers.

Mouth and nose pads will also have to be used by staff working in these areas and are not separated from visitors by a physical barrier.

As before, this requirement to wear face masks will not apply to children under 13 years of age.

The face mask may not be worn for medical reasons, such as if a person has difficulty applying the mask due to a movement disorder or if the person has a mental health problem.


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