From the words of the Basics, it is freezing! The shocking TRUTH about Prymul?

Therefore, the well-known singer decided to analyze Prymul’s speech to the citizens of the Czech Republic. “You saw the Minister’s speech on Tuesday Prymuly to citizens? Of course, if nothing else, perhaps for the first time in all this time we could hear: I’m sorry. Even sentences: I’m sorry, I’m also just a person, I accept responsibility… All this might seem like a positive message to the whole country. BUT! … I will ask one thing, even though the speech was an effort to establish humanity towards society, I watched Mr. Prymula’s eyes…

Basic she is in love up to her ears: But she will not move from Prague because of her love

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I did not notice any sign of empathy, humility, emotion. Whether he talked about numbers, the dead, he explained, he apologized, he begged… The look was cold all the time. He hasn’t changed. He was the same. Empty, “Basiková wrote according to and several people agreed with her. “The speech was so cold and without a hint of emotion that I felt more like it was saying goodbye to us as if it were the end of the world in a few minutes!” Commented one of the users of social networks.

Hryc talked about tests. How is the actor? And covid took Basik’s love

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