From the countryside to the city, Suzanne’s urban adventure, in BTS, in Angers

Suzanne is 19 and has been studying in Angers since September 2021 in BTS in horticultural production. Originally from Moselle, she decided to make her her BTS there, hoping to find a dynamic student city and a milder climate.

With her baccalaureate in July 2021, Suzanne therefore decided to do so towards a BTS in horticultural production. Originally from a rural corner of the Moselle, she wants to change the climate because “it’s always bad at home”.

Note, when registering on Parcoursup, that most of the schools offering this training are far from the cities. There is only one option in town, in Angers (49). The chance to do her BTS there enchants her: “I saw it was a super nice student town. I needed some sun and I wanted to get away from home.”

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First obstacle: finding accommodation

To find student accommodation in a city like Angers, you need to plan ahead. But of course the reality is rarely that simple and the young woman had to wait for the results of Parcoursup, who assured her that she would really study in this city.

Once the results are obtained, the problem does not improve: finding a student apartment is difficult because there are so many requests. Indeed, the situation is such that an information unit on accommodation in Crous has been opened. It allows to accompany the Angevin students. “I found a roommate at the last moment,” announces the student.

Angers, a dynamic city

Aesthetically, if Suzanne is to be believed, there is nothing to complain about. “The city is very flowery, the houses are beautiful … When we walk around the city, we have the impression of being in the Middle Ages, I find it nice “. Recommended to move close to the city center. “Obviously, it’s more expensive but it’s the nicest place.”

Overall, she describes Angers as a safe city. “Some say the Roseraie neighborhood is a little scary, but I think it’s a prejudice. Anyway, I’ve never had any problems. I’ve visited friends in other cities and I’ve noticed that we don’t feel in danger here.”

Susanna’s advice

To pour save money in Angers, Suzanne offers several leads. “At the beginning of the school year you can go to the town hall to collect various discount coupons, which can help a little.” Mention her too the Velocity agencywho lend a bicycle for free for several months to the Angevins over 18 years old.

Are we bored in Angers? According to Suzanne, no, “there is always something to do“, But qualifies his opinion:“ I come from the countryside so obviously I find it great, but perhaps a Parisian would not have the same opinion as me ”.

Positive point: there is many extracurricular activities available. “I do a lot of sport in a club, it’s really nice.” The cost of living is also satisfactory and student-friendly according to the young woman.

Finally, she describes a city well served by transport. “They are building a second tram line, so it will be even better, but I have never had any problems with the current lines.”

Places recommended by Suzanne in Angers

Angers Castle : “A super nice place, to go with friends or alone to work or relax. It has become my terrace.”

The post garden : “Often, in the evenings, there are dance evenings, sometimes with original dances such as traditional Breton dances. It can be fun and it is good to meet people.”

Bar le Gatsby : “It’s a bit of a secret place where you need a code to get in – which isn’t that hard to get. The classy decor is reminiscent of the United States of the 1920s.”

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