From the 30th, the mandatory indoor mask is lifted… Maintaining public transportation and hospital lines


As the mandatory indoor mask is lifted from the 30th, it is now possible to take off the mask indoors.

However, public transportation, hospitals, and nursing facilities are still obligated to wear them.

Reporter Cha Seung-eun organized the details.


As of 0:00 on the 30th, the obligation to wear a mask indoors will be converted to a recommendation.

On October 13, 2020, after the introduction of the obligation to wear masks indoors, mainly in multi-use facilities, in about two years and three months, even if you do not wear a mask indoors, you will not be subject to a fine.

However, to protect the vulnerable group, you must wear a mask in residential facilities such as nursing facilities and welfare facilities, hospitals and pharmacies, and public transportation.

Public transportation that requires you to wear a mask only applies to ‘vehicles’.

You do not need to wear a mask at the boarding waiting area, station, airport, etc., but you must wear a mask when getting on a train.

There are exceptions in hospitals and pharmacies where the wearing of indoor masks is maintained.

In the case of hospitals, you can take off your mask only when you are in the room with a resident guardian or a resident who shares the room. If there is a pharmacy inside the mart, you are not obligated to wear it until the passageway within the mart.

You must wear a mask if the swimming pool, bathhouse or gym is in a mask-mandatory facility.

The quarantine authorities reiterated that this measure is changing the indoor mask obligation to a recommendation, and asked people to wear a mask at any time if they are experiencing a high risk of infection, such as showing symptoms of corona or in a crowded place.

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This adjustment is the first step, and the second step, which recommends the obligation to wear a mask in all indoors, is expected to be made when the domestic corona crisis level goes down or the legal infectious disease rating is changed from level 2 to level 4.

This is Cha Seung-eun from Yonhap News TV. ([email protected])

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