From Take Two they explain the possibilities of remastering their games

Among the decisions that are being made in many publishers in recent years, we have found that some have found a vein in the remastering of more or less classic games. And there we find that there are a lot of possibilities, where there are many wishes to see certain improved games again. But it’s not always the best bet, and since Take Two explain the possibilities of remastering their games.

In Take Two we have seen that they have taken advantage of this option for some of their games, and many are rumored, and asking, that they can rematerize a game in the Grand Theft Auto saga. It has become a big business, but faced with this possibility, the CEO of Take Two, Strauss Zelnick, does not see that it should be a priority option for his projects.

Mafia Definitive Edition requirements for PC

In a interview granted to VGC, Zelnick is aware of the potential that exists in this area, but it is clear that from Take Two they explain the possibilities of making remasters of their games. “I’m not sure there is a more important part of the strategy”, says the CEO of Take Two, although he acknowledges that “Remastering has always been part of the strategy”. In fact, we’ve seen that there have been remastered games in recent years, how could they be the example of Borderlands or Mafia games. They are not closed to the option, but Zelnick thinks that there are ways to do this well and that is what they do.

“We have done it differently than the competition: we not only changed the titles, we actually took the time to do the best job possible to make the title different for the new release”, attributing that they are not limited to changing textures and improving resolutions, but that they seek to do things better. Zelnick assures that the times they have raised a remastering, “We improve technology, update images, and make performance improvements. And that’s why I think our remastered titles tend to do so well. “

And really, the examples that we have exposed are games whose remasters have been great contributions to the catalog because they include important news. Especially striking is the case of Mafia: Definitive Edition, which was considered more of a remake than a remastering. And there, it is known that these jobs are not so simple and may not be so profitable, without having the answer that many asked was to confirm a remastering of some GTA. The truth is that doing this job with this degree of demand would be much more complicated.

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Niko Bellic with next-gen graphicsNiko Bellic with next-gen graphics

The closest thing to this remastering approach could be the new improvement that will be introduced in Grand Theft Auto V, when it was confirmed that it would reach the next generation consoles. This game, which was released on Xbox 360, has already been improved for the Xbox One generation and will receive improvements again to continue to remain the last game in the franchise on Xbox Series X / S. With this we could doubt the words of Zelnick, because it is time for them to shelve and officially present Grand Theft Auto VI, of which there are only fatuous rumors.

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