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Alexia Rivas He had already worked in different television networks before starting on ‘Socialité’, the María Patiño program, but it was on this Telecinco program that he began his meteoric career in television. Who was going to tell her a year ago when she went to the airport to interview the contestants of ‘Survivors’ before traveling to Honduras that 365 days later she would be the one who would get on a plane to participate in the most extreme contest on the small screen .

It has been his own ex-companions of ‘Socialité’ who have announced their signing for reality, although we have been wanting to see the reaction of María Patiño since this Sunday the presenter was Nuria Marín. And although Alexia no longer works there and has not been able to go live because she was sick, they wanted to wish her well. “Best of luck because you are going to need it. That this allows you to have a job on TV”, Jorge Moreno has told him. “It is a transfer fantasy. She’s a very city girl, I don’t know how she’s going to handle it ”, added another colleague. “I was quite surprised, nobody expected to see her in this situation, she is very weak in health, I want to wish her good luck,” said Giovanna González.

Alexia Rivas, contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’

He seems like a fabulous signing to me, he’s going to give a lot of play. I want to defend the right to change your mind. We all do it all the time, it will be great for you as an influencer, you do it very well”, Has been the opinion of Nuria Marin, referring to the fact that when he left the program he denied television and reality shows and now he is going to participate in one. Now she is the third confirmed contestant after Antonio Canales and Sylvia Pantoja and it remains to be seen if any of her enemies such as Marta López or Alfonso Merlos himself travel with her to the island, something that would give a lot of play in the contest.

“Friends! (because just because of the love you are giving me, you already are). Why this adventure? Because After a year I want you to really know me, I don’t want to continue being tied to a story that doesn’t represent me and for you to see who Alexia is, not the things they told. In addition, it seems to me a priceless and wonderful experience. I am very strong and a maximum warrior. I’m going to give it my all until you decide to get me off the island ”, she wrote on her social networks, promising to be a good contestant and not to disappoint the audience, going as far as they allow her.

The fame of Alexia Rivas, on the rise

The story of Alexia Rivas and Alfonso Merlos was one of the most talked about during confinement. While working on ‘Socialité’, the young woman was caught at the journalist’s home in a live video call and her identity was discovered shortly after, making her idyll public. Something that left Marta López completely broken, who was then a couple of Merlos. Both starred in a media love story, but it barely lasted six months and they went their separate ways, apparently maintaining a good friendship after their breakup. The scandal that jumped to the media and was talked about in all television programs made the reporter’s followers rise like foam and currently makes a living as an influencer with more than 160 thousand followers In his Instagram account, a figure that everything indicates that it will increase considerably after passing through the program, as has happened with other contestants such as Rocío Flores, Jorge Pérez or Violeta Mangriñán. Will your contest convince us? Start the count down!

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