From “Qatar capital” to “Elon Musk”, who will win Manchester United?


  • According to Forbes’ 2022 ranking of the world’s most valuable football clubs, Manchester United is in third place with a valuation of $4.6 billion or about 1.57 billion baht.
  • The Glazer family have a figure in mind that they are willing to sell at 5 billion pounds or 2.05 billion baht.
  • The most watched investment group is the one from Qatar. Energy and investment powerhouse According to news reports from England indicating that Manchester United United is the club that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani is interested in.
  • The full list of candidates is expected to be officially revealed by Friday, February 17.

Allow me to summarize briefly that Manchester United isfootball teamto getchampion leagueEngland’s highestpremier leagueThe most 20 times, is the highest champion ofUEFA Europe Three Champions League titles, not counting many titles, a 78,000-capacity football stadium, and an enormous number of football fans around the world.

in terms ofbusinessAnd they are one of the clubs that have pioneered modern football marketing since the 90’s, a progressive club that created.mega store“or the first large stores, including earning from sponsors from various brands that want to be part of the name”Partner“No matter how expensive it is to pay because I know that the exposure of being attached to the Red Devils team will reach football fans around the world.

– Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar One of the candidates to take over Manchester United (Photo Credit: AFP) –

Manchester United is also one of the world’s most valuable clubs, with Forbes currently estimating the club at $4.6 billion. They are in third place behind Real Madrid and Barcelona. Two world football superpowers from Spain

As for their performance on the field, they are returning to be a team to watch again after Erik Ten Hag, the Dutch team manager, changed everything within the team until now ranked third and secretly. Win the Premier League title for the first time in 10 years.

It is for all these reasons that the news of the sale of Manchester United Club is approaching the deadline for making the first takeover proposal.

Especially with the name of “Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani“Emir ofQatarThe head of the nation is interested in submitting an offer to buy this club into possession. including the names of Sir Jim Ratcliffe, England’s number one billionaire, andElon Musk An icon of the CEO era. Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter

How did this story come about? And how is it going to happen?

  • Good news that ghost fans have been waiting for.

For football fansRed Army“Everyone, the announcement is ready for the sale of the Manchester United team by the Glazer family. The current owner of the club is good news they have been waiting for a long time.

The wait was not an ordinary one, but an excruciating one. Since the sports business family that owns the American football team Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to buy the club in 2005 for a total value of 790 million pounds, one of the greatest football teams in England was struggling in many ways.

The biggest problem was that Malcolm Glazer, the late former owner of the club, pushed the debt of the loan he bought to buy the club onto the club. This meant that the Glazer family didn’t have to invest a single penny of their own. And that costs clubs huge sums of money each year to pay interest on things they don’t generate.

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Other than that, it’s throwing management. Didn’t care about taking care of the club Causing even to be able to support himself in an era where there is a great manager like Sir Alex Ferguson who still sees success But after the Scottish top manager retired in 2013, the club fell into a shockingly rapid decline.

Fram and Joel – Avram (left) and Joel (right) Glazer, two co-owners of Manchester United (Photo Credit: AFP) –

On the one hand, the Glazer family might have a budget for buying players for them. But in terms of management they failed badly compared to their rivals Liverpool who managed all their resources professionally. Low-budget but highly successful under the leadership of Fenway Sports Group.

Old Trafford Stadium and Carrington Training Center Left without any improvements to the surprise of club legend Cristiano Ronaldo when he decided to return to play in “Theatre of Dreams” again

The worst thing is that Malcolm Glazer’s son, Joel Glazer, as the club’s current owner, has secretly agreed to join the club in founding.Super League“The new tournament with the sole aim of raking in money without asking the fans promptly prompted a massive protest called “Green & Gold” (which were the original colors of the club when it was founded under the name Newton Heath)

The protest led to many positive changes. But one of the best things that happened that the fans who cursed morning, day, night never thought of was the Glazer family’s club announcement for sale.

  • The true value of the Red Devils

According to the assessment of Forbes infootball club rankingsWith the highest value in the world in 2022, Manchester United is ranked 3rd with a value of $ 4,600 million or approximately 1.57 billion baht.

That value is up around 10 percent from last year (in 2021, it’s worth $4.2 billion), which is interesting given the size of the club, like any football team, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. That lasts a long time from 2020-2023, but the value of the club continues to increase.

And if compared to 10 years ago, the value of the club has increased to $ 1,400 million, which is known as a significant continuous growth. which is attractive to investors all over the world.

While the number that the Glazer family, as the owner of the club, put in mind in agreeing to sell is higher than the estimated value According to news reports from England, it is at 5,000 million pounds or 2.05 billion baht ever.

But the value is believed to be that interested investors are ready to offer around 4 billion pounds or about 1.64 billion baht, which will be close to the value Forbes estimates.

  • The new toy of the Emir of Qatar?

Among the interested capital groups that have revealed the news. The most watched investment group is venture capital from Qatar Energy and investment powerhouse According to news reports from England indicating that Manchester United is the club that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani is interested in.

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The interest from the Emir of Qatar comes from the country’s desire to use investments in sports to enhance the country’s image and expand business opportunities. Which previously had many projects that happened Especially mega-projects like hosting the World Cup. Which was successful in 2022

Going back even further, Qatar made its first investment in a football club with Paris. Saint-Germain The French club in 2011 after seeing the opportunity of buying the Manchester team. City is a UAE-based venture that benefits more than just the bottom line of football clubs.

Therefore, when a football club at the crown jewel level of the world like Manchester United is brought out to peddle like this. This is an opportunity for Qatar to expand.”portfolio“In the football game even more. And it is quite guaranteed that there will be no loss or certainly because the value of the club increases significantly every year.

Also, this could be the one and only chance that Qatar will have the opportunity to own a team of this level.

  • Qatar’s stuffing plan

Qatar’s big problem is that they own Paris. Saint-Germain It was previously through the Qatar Sports Investment Fund (QSI) which was set up to buy and operate the club exclusively.

According to the rules of the European Football Federation or UEFA. There are regulations that clearly prohibit clubs with the same owner from competing in the same competition. This is the basic rule to prevent matters of falling the ball or being mutually beneficial in the competition.

This point is an important point that makes Qatar carefully consider the matter because it does not want to invest and cause problems.

However, according to recent reports, UEFA seems to have given the “green light” for Qatar to invest in a second football club based on a simple criterion that if the two football clubs have completely different management, there is no a person or something related in terms of structure It’s not considered a violation.

There was a similar case in the past in 2017, with two of Red Bull’s affiliated football clubs, RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg, qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. The Champions League, also the highest level, with Red Bull has managed to remedy the problem by cutting the two clubs apart. No personnel are linked. It’s not against the rules.

Therefore, it is believed that Qatar itself will not have a problem in this regard as well. How will Sheikh Tamim use? which fund to acquire Which is expected to be the Qatar Investment Authority, or QIA, or the Qatari sovereign wealth fund. Have to wait and watch again

  • Qatar’s rival is Elon Musk?

forrivalin submitting an offerTakeover of Manchester UnitedThere is still no clear information.

The bank, The Raine Group, which took part in last year’s bid to buy Chelsea, has been tasked with overseeing the transfer of ownership of the English football club. And it is expected that the full list of candidates will be officially revealed by Friday, February 17.

That must be February 17, because it is the “deadline” of those interested capital groups that must submit proposals for consideration. If it’s later than this, it’s not considered late.

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Elon Musk – Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, is interested in buying Manchester United (Photo Credit: AFP) –

One of the people who “rumored” heavily isElon Musk of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter that may also be one of the bidders. This story in the news has not been confirmed or given much weight.

The reason Musk’s name is involved is nothing more than when he once jokingly tweeted, “I’m going to buy Manchester United.” Until it became big news all over the world. And causing the person to rush out to solve the news that it was just a joke

However, that doesn’t mean Musk’s chances of buying Man Utd. United can’t happen. Because this billionaire is considered one of the most difficult to guess in the world. Such is the case of buying Twitter, which turned around but eventually acquired it successfully.

But on the media page, the person who officially launched the truth was first released before friends and had more weight.Sir Jim Ratcliffe England’s Richest Billionaires as owner INEOS Big city energy company

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has been linked with football for some time, having last year been linked with an interest in a replacement for Chelsea from Roman Abramovich, who was forced to sell the club over accusations. as a supporter of Vladimir Putin’s Russian government that launched a war of aggression against Ukraine but did not make an offer in time This time, this billionaire has announced himself early and has confirmed that he will join the band for sure.

Importantly, Sir Jim is alsoFootball fansred devil” Awkward since begging but also leaving. Therefore, there is a need to takeover to bring the club back to greatness again.

Will the process take a long time?

The last thing that many people want to know is OK, now an offer is about to be made. But when will the actual trading happen?

This issue is still unclear. Sky Sports Reportedly, the case of the Glazer family’s sale this time is different from when Roman Abramovich was forced to sell Chelsea last year when it was a national big deal. There was an intervention by the British government to get the club sold as soon as possible.

In the case of Manchester United, there is no time frame in any way. Which will have to wait for The Raine Group to reveal how long it will take to negotiate. which is possible for a period of a few months or may take several months It depends on the satisfaction of the Glazer family.

The interesting thing is that they have the option to sell all of their shares. or will only be sold in part or just keep some

Therefore, everything that happens at this time is just a prediction. and need time to be more clear

But no matter how this story turns out This will be a page in the history offootballAs a famous club transfer and probably the highest transaction value in the world at this time.


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