From New York to Los Angeles, Olivia Voisin questions the accessibility of museum collections

Business to Follow brings you news of the cultural sector in the regions and internationally thanks to our correspondents abroad and those who create cultural life where they are. Every Friday Arnaud Laporte goes to meet one of the residents of The Villa Albertina somewhere in the United States

In line with Villa Medici in Rome, Casa Velázquez in Madrid or Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, La Villa Albertine is a new residency program that allows French artists to immerse themselves in American culture. Its peculiarity, the residents are not welcomed in one place or in a single city, but in different types of places in the United States.

Today we are withOlivia I could, heritage curator and art historian specializing in the 19th century and relations between the arts, director of the museums of Orléans and curator of the contemporary collections of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Orléans. Over the course of her career, Olivia Voisin has based her action on her on “the need to return the collections to the public, from the point of view of both physical and intellectual accessibility, working for their equal concern on the part of all.

The project

As part of this residency, Olivia Voisin aims to cross approaches around the notion of “transparency” that museums must adopt towards visitors, in particular by allowing access to public collections, sharing them, making them visible and understandable to all visitors. .

The meeting with the main actors – museum directors, curators and collection managers, mediation teams – involved in these reflections in American museums will provide an overview of the different solutions proposed, in connection with the specific history of these institutions and the territorial problems that I’m theirs. Presenting the collections outside the criteria of personal choice, in a reading that respects the work but also the visitor, allowing an updated perspective of the collections, must be the starting point for the reflection carried out on the redesign of the paths and the renewed presentation of the collections. Following the initiatives undertaken, questioning oneself about the approaches and intentions, understanding their successes or difficulties, will make it possible to compare, enrich and strengthen the practice that I bring to the heart of the Orleans museum project.

The residency will take place in two phases, starting with a first stay on the east coast, between Washington and New York, around museums such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Hispanic Society or the Frick collection in New York, the Virginia Museum. of Art in Richmond or the Clark Institute, which are developing a new way of thinking about their career. A second phase, this time in California, will allow the discovery of a territory and other realities, for example by going to meet the LACMA teams in Los Angeles, when a project is taking shape providing various answers on the relationship between collections at public. – Excerpts from the presentation of the Villa Albertine –

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