From July 1, the penalty for driving without OCTA has been increased


As mentioned above, the new Law on Administrative Liability and amendments to the Road Traffic Law have entered into force, which stipulates liability for administrative violations in road traffic. Changes in regulatory enactments also provide for new procedures for calculating penalties for the use of a vehicle in road traffic, in respect of which the owner’s compulsory civil liability insurance (OCTA) has not been taken out.

From July 1, penalties for the use of a truck over 12 tons and a bus over 12 tons in road traffic without MTPL have been significantly increased. Jānis Abāšins, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (LTAB), explains:

Jānis Abāšins also adds that the amendments have been made taking into account the relatively high risk factors of the specific vehicles. Also, changes in the law stipulate that if a trading company (merchant) to which a vehicle has been put for sale will use it without a valid MTPL, a penalty in the amount of 350-650 EUR will be imposed on it.

Changes in regulatory enactments also provide for other procedures for application of fines. From now on, the administrative penalty for the use of a vehicle in road traffic without MTPL will be calculated in fine units, determining that 1 unit is equivalent to 5 EUR.

Table: AutoBild

Account must be taken of the fact that, where one person has committed two or more administrative offenses, the administrative penalty is imposed for each offense separately. On the other hand, if several administrative violations have been committed with the same act, an administrative penalty shall be applied for each violation. invites! Send your report in the form of a video or story about one of the problems that seem to be relevant to you to our e-mail: Your thoughts will be heard and possibly published on the website and social networks!

Source: Whatcar and Autobild

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