From home, Cecilia Romo recovered from another stage of her tortuous battle against COVID-19.

The actress is at home, recovering from the havoc that the COVID-19 left her and various surgeries (Photo: Instragram @claudiaromoedelman)

Actress Cecilia Romo continues to fight for her health and has already left the intensive care area after suffering heart failure when she was about to leave the hospital after recovering from COVID-19. Doña Cecilia has led a tortuous and complicated battle against the coronavirus.

She was the daughter of the actress, Claudia Romo Edeman, who reported that his mother is already home after being discharged from the hospital and that he is recovering satisfactorily at home. This was said in a statement on their social networks:

Ceci left the hospital today. He came home stable to recover. Ceci Romo is a warrior who loves life and wants to heal herself. Ceci’s healing process is complex and requires one hundred percent calm and our full focus and care, particularly in the coming days.

The actress remained in a hospital in southern Mexico City for almost three months (Photo: Instagram @ceciliaromomx)

The actress remained in a hospital in southern Mexico City for almost three months (Photo: Instagram @ceciliaromomx)

The actress had to undergo various surgical procedures after she became infected with COVID-19 as she had to undergo surgery four times on the lungs due to the disease, so the blood loss caused by the surgeries caused her anemia and it reached the point where she was connected to a mechanical ventilator and sedated. However, the actress never gave up and her condition improved.

Claudia Romo said that her mother was recovering more and more and with more encouragement because Doña Cecilia affirmed that she has in mind to publish a book in which she will talk about her experience as a survivor before COVID-19, The book is already being promoted on social media and they said they have almost 300,000 copies set aside for presale.

Because of this virus, as it is so capricious, so aggressive it caused a precipitous fall that led her not only to intensive therapy and to being intubated, but now she is asleep, she is sedated, she is almost paralyzed to achieve that the body uses the least energy possible and can get his lungs back

The odyssey was for her family too, who stayed together during the crisis and who together had to pay for the costly procedures that were required for the actress’ recovery. The family they did not give up and held together. This is what Claudia Romo herself said:

I can’t begin to explain how emotionally and financially difficult it has been for the whole family, if something is clear to us now is that Ceci Romo still has a lot to give, a lot to share and we have a lot to learn from her.

Cecilia Romo's daughter reported on the status of the actress (Screenshot: Instagram @Claudiaromoedelman)

Cecilia Romo’s daughter reported on the status of the actress (Screenshot: Instagram @Claudiaromoedelman)

Something that greatly complicated the spirits was that Cecilia had a heart failure just when she was about to leave intensive care, that she put her family members back in red lights and that was a reason for alert since she had been hospitalized for almost three months and had no heart problems:

Thank you thank you thank you. After 90 days, Ceci Romo succeeded, he is already out of intensive care and at home with his family ”

Now the actress is free of COVID-19 and is in recovery at home. About the book they are working on, entitled “Love of life”, thus Claudia referred to on the subject:

We ask you to buy this book in pre-sale, it will help us in every way, first to tell it, because it will start writing today, you will have all the experience, all the interviews, the book can be purchased online, it will be out in December and the idea of ​​all this is to fund the expenses that leaves a family member interned for three months


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