From heroes in the ward to students, without Covid bonuses and without training: the letter from the medical students

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Genoa. They were at the forefront during the first wave of the Covid emergency this spring, praised as ‘heroes’ together with their medical executives but medical specialists then everyone seems to have forgotten: no bonuses like doctors and nurses, no support from the state and the formation stops at the pole.

This is why the doctors in specialist training wrote a letter.
Here she is:

Who we are?
Postgraduates, doctors in training, with the burdens of a worker in the ward and the need and desire to train in a specialist sense.

Why are we outraged?
We worked during the COVID emergency alongside our medical managers, together with them promptly converted to COVID clinicians, regardless of their specialty, deprived of adequate preparation, always trying to adapt to the health requirements dictated by the emergency. We were praised as “heroes” together with them, however when it was time to recognize the roles, the State, the Region and the Health Department of our hospital decided to exclude us from state support for workers, returning to consider us simple students. As such, however, once the emergency returned, training did not resume, despite the payment of the expected taxes, including the regional tax on the right to education. One day students, one day workers, as needed. But in both cases without rights.

What do we ask?
A true evolution of the figure of the doctor in specialist training, guaranteeing real accessibility to training with lessons, tutored clinical and research activities, as well as time to study as required by our Regulations; recognition of our role as hospital workers, with the protection and respect for our rights;

How do we get it?
We propose to our Health Department, the Regional Government, in the figures of reference, at the University, in the figure of the Rector and the Directors of our Schools, the opening to a dialogue between the University and the Hospital, overcoming an unacceptable and convenient defect that determines negatively the working and training reality of all doctors in training. Protecting the figure of the doctor in specialist training is equivalent to protecting the health of the population.

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