From Elton John to Famed Game Designer: Actor Taron Edgerton to star in Tetris

Actor Theron Edgerton will entrust a key role in the tape that will tell the story of the creation of “Tetris”, the publication reports Daily Mail.

What the project will be about

Taron Edgerton, the lead actor in the Kingsman franchise and a Golden Globe nominee for portraying the legendary pop artist Elton John in the film “Rocketman”, will again appear on the screens in the form of a famous character. This time the star of the screen got the role of a famous computer game designer from the Netherlands Henk Rogers.ар1-16-1200×700.jpg.webp 1200w,ар1-16-960×560.jpg.webp 960w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px” type=”image/webp”>

The new film history will be based on litigation for intellectual property – the legendary game “Tetris”. Representatives of a computer agency from the Soviet Union and members of the Western corporation of the deceased billionaire Robert Maxwell and his son Kevin will participate in the legal disputes. At the cost of incredible efforts, Rogers will be able to take possession of the official rights to the game together with the creator of “Tetris” from the USSR, Alexei Pajitnov.

About the director and actors

The film was directed by John S. Byrd, who has successfully shown himself in such projects as Vinyl, Babylon, Dirt, Stan and Ollie. Perhaps a few more stars will be included in the cast of actors who will take part in the film, since auditions for the main roles in the project are still ongoing. Filming for the new bestseller is scheduled for September 2021.

Author: Anna Mitrofanova

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