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Produced: 08/17/2022, 03:00

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The tour devised by Wolfgang Pfannemüller with the nine-euro ticket for all coach stations and stops in the Offenbach district starts and ends in Weibelfeld. © Strohfeldt

There are even now two months still left to use the 9 euro ticket. But probably Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) and transportation ministers will continue to have an being familiar with and prolong the measure, which has satisfied with too much to handle approval nationwide, or occur up with an alternative. If you even now want to get a ticket problem, you can check out to get to all teach stations in the Offenbach district in just one working day from Dreieich. The concept came from Dreieichenhainer Wolfgang Pfannemüller.

Dreieich / Kreis Offenbach – In June, when the 9-euro ticket was released, there was frequently chat of likely to Sylt with it, even nevertheless the journey by local trains to the much north took a lot of hours. In accordance to Pfannemüller, the ticket also opens up the risk of checking out one’s land more closely applying public transport. In addition to the popular excursion locations, the district can also be explored by educate.

The Dreieichenhainer questioned if it was attainable to access all the stations and stops in the district by regional train and S-Bahn in just one doing the job working day and with as handful of changes as achievable. Pfannemüller seemed at the timetables of the Rhein-Major-Verkehrsbund (RMV) and worked out a route. Centered on this, it can take six hours and 59 minutes to achieve all 29 stations and stops in the district and some extra at the very least at the time or to use them as a transfer level. For this, detours to Offenbach, Hanau, Frankfurt, Mörfelden and Darmstadt are also vital.

“Of system it can be a obstacle,” admits Pfannemüller. Delays, cancellations and other achievable disruptions are not taken into consideration. And railroad clients can inform you a factor or two about the point that not every little thing ordinarily operates easily.

The Pfannemüller variant with 13 stages and twelve alterations is as follows: it starts off at the Dreieichenhainer Weibelfeld station, in which the Dreieichbahn (RB 61) stops. They would leave at 9:03 and return there at 16:02.

The to start with area with the RB 61 qualified prospects in 17 minutes by using the Dreiieichenhain, Götzenhain, Offenthal and Urberach stops to Rödermark-Ober-Roden. Get there there at 9:20 am. Immediately after eight minutes, proceed on the S1 to Offenbach-Ost. In 24 minutes you can stroll to Rollwald, Nieder-Roden, Dudenhofen, Jügesheim, Hainhausen, Weiskirchen, Obertshausen and Offenbach-Bieber. Arrival is at 9:52 am. The transfer time to S2 is six minutes. It leaves at 9:58 by way of Bieber, Heusenstamm and Dietzenbach-Mitte for Dietzenbach, exactly where it arrives soon after 13 minutes at 10:11.

8 minutes later on, at 10:19, the S2 leaves all over again for Offenbach-Ost. Arrival is there after 13 minutes at 10:32. From there, there are other teach stations in the east of the district after 16 minutes. This is possible at 10:48 with the S9 in eleven minutes through Mühlheim, Dietesheim and Steinheim to Hanau central station.

There is a lengthier end of 36 minutes just before regional train 85 resumes its route by way of Steinheim, Klein-Auheim, Hainstadt and Seligenstadt to Zellhausen at 11:35 am. Arrival is at 11:49. Following 17 minutes, the RB 86 returns to Hanau, arriving there at 12:22. Immediately after nine minutes, the S9 normally takes you to Frankfurt Central Station in 30 minutes. From there it goes to the railway stations of the western district.

There, with a transfer time of nine minutes, the S7 is waiting around, halting at 13:20 on the route to Mörfelden in 19 minutes at the stations of Niederrad, Stadion, Zeppelinheim and Walldorf. From Mörfelden, the S7 returns to Frankfurt Central Station at 13:45. 19 minutes to catch the regional train 60 at 14:34 (17 minutes via Langen to Darmstadt). 14 minutes later on, at 15:05, the S3 requires 21 minutes by means of Arheilgen, Wixhausen, Erzhausen, Egelsbach, Langen, air targeted traffic regulate and Buchschlag to Neu-Isenburg. It will take the past 25 minutes to adjust trains and choose the Dreieichbahn (RB 61) through Buchschlag and Sprendlingen to Weibelfeld at 15:51. If everything operates, you should really arrive at your destination after eleven minutes at 4:02 pm.

Pfannemüller is curious to see if everyone will take the challenge. He endorses backpacking catering, as there are no kiosks wherever and transfer instances are from time to time limited.

By Holger Klemm

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