from door-to-door collection to voluntary contribution, the Girondin itinerary

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After several years of separate door-to-door collection of bio-waste, two mixed unions in Gironde have come to the same conclusion: this solution is not optimal. Both are now turning to voluntary contributions. A journey rich in lessons for all waste treatment syndicates less than a year from the obligation to sort bio-waste at source.

The countdown has begun for the communities in charge of waste management. From January 1, 2024, they will have to offer all their inhabitants a source sorting solution for bio-waste. In the range of solutions, the separate collection of bio-waste was still not widespread in 2019. According to Ademe, only 157 communities had set up such a service at the time, or were in the process of doing so. This concerned 6% of French households.

A pioneer in this field, the Joint Intermunicipal Syndicate for the Collection and Recovery of Waste from Libournais Haute Gironde (Smicval) got started in 2002. “We considered that home collection of bio-waste was the priority collection” , summarizes Nicolas Senechau, the general manager of services. In this territory located in the North-East[…]

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