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Morelia, Michoacán- (OEM-Infomex) .- The 10 months of pandemic in Michoacán were enough to end Raúl’s shoe repairman, financial support for his family, who, given the zero profits he obtains from his business, as a result of Covid-19, he also saw the need to pawn the only television he had at home, the use of which, he said, served him to fight the reality in which the state is.

“Nothing else Raúl,” he answered crestfallen before an improvised cell phone recorder that served to record the outcome of a story that seems to multiply as the health crisis that unleashed the coronavirus worldwide progresses.

With a pawn sheet in hand, he described how the pandemic was eating away the income that emanated from his shoe repair, economic support of his family, made up of five members: his wife Magdalena and their children Roberto, Alfonso and Ricardo, 15 , 18 and 22 years old, respectively.

“At first it did not seem that it was so serious, the business was working, he gave us to eat, but little by little the results of this bug began to be seen,” he lamented with a disheveled face, and later shared that, although the panorama is not Not at all encouraging, he will seek to rescue his means of income, a modest aluminum stand set up in the 18 de Marzo neighborhood of this capital city, which for 20 years had been used as a shoe repairman.

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“I did not leave much, just to eat and more or less to educate my children, but whatever it is, it suffers, because it was a trade that I learned from my father, rest assured,” he added.

At 50 years of age, he said he did not know how his family will survive, to which, he acknowledged, “it will be time for the children to respond, I do not like to say it, because what else would I like for them to focus on the study, but there is no other”.

“Who knows if TV will return, it is the least important thing, although it served to distract him, but what matters right now and the only thing I ask of God is that my family does not get infected.”

Mr. Raúl did not issue any complaint, he seemed resigned to the economic and health crisis that prevails in Michoacán, but, at no time, did he give up the possibility of starting his business again.

Pawn shops suffer crisis

Although it seems otherwise, the pawnshops of Michoacán have also faced the Covid-19 crisis, as explained in data provided by Nacional Monte de Piedad, from which it was known that, while in 2019 this institution granted loans for 942.5 million pesos, by 2020 these decreased to 800.1 million pesos, only in Michoacán.

Based on the information provided, it is justified that the decrease in financial flow responds to the fact that, “most applicants are business owners and, given the losses that have been recorded, the intention to acquire pledge loans was also reduced” .

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Despite the Covid-19 crisis, it was reported that eight out of 10 loan applicants would recover their garments and that the goods that are commonly pawned are “gold jewelery, followed by watches and various (computers, cell phones, household appliances, among others ) “.

The financial problems that are registered in Nacional Monte de Piedad are not only concentrated in Michoacán, since, at the national level, losses of 4 billion pesos were also reported, compared to the balance of 2019.

“It seems that we are doing very well, but the reality is that no, it has also hit here,” commented anonymously a worker from a pawn shop located on Lázaro Cárdenas avenue, in Morelia.

Faced with this situation, the Government of Michoacán predicts a “discouraging” scenario for 2021, or at least this is what the governor, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, has stated, who recognizes that the change of year will not reflect another reality for the entity.


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