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News portal – In today’s topic we will discuss the reliability of cars and especially the reliability of Toyota.

What is meant by the reliability of the car is its ability to work and cover long distances with the least number of unexpected breakdowns and to judge the reliability of any condition of the car including the car that gets high sales in the markets that present special conditions, which indicates the acceptance of the car.

One of the markets with special conditions which is a criterion for judging the reliability of cars is the Gulf countries market, where it is known for its high temperature, which requires special equipment to ensure that the car runs smoothly.

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How do you rate a reliable car?

From the previous story it will be clear to the reader that it is not legitimate to grant a car the rule of reliability unless after years of experience, and this is true for one aspect, but not correct for the other; Since some modern cars can already be judged by their reliability in view of the fact that the foundations of car construction have not changed radically, the most important of which is the movement system; For example, the Toyota Corolla in its latest models uses engines and gearboxes that have been used for many years and are known for their reliability, although they have received updates and improvements in the latest generation.

Other secondary issues may be taken into consideration when judging the reliability of the car, such as low repair costs compared to the competition, as well as low operating costs.

JD Power report

The JD Power report, American statistics company for consumer research, data and analysis, presents an annual report on the best automakers and car models in terms of reliability, based on detailed surveys of car owners through which identifies the major flaws and problems and their number that did not satisfy the owners over 4-5 years of use and, based on this study, publishes a report on the best cars in terms of reliability.

JD Power also publishes other initial quality reports from the automotive industry, based on a detailed survey to find out how satisfied customers are with the car and what aspects of use they complain about during the first few weeks of use.

The secret of Toyota reliability

Toyota is regarded by millions of users worldwide as the number one reliable automaker, and in addition to consumer certification, you find it as one of the top (non-luxury) automakers rated in JD Power’s annual reports, along with Kia and Hyundai in recent years.

And when the same brands have been ranked among the most reliable for many years, and in more than one model, the credit is largely due to the company’s manufacturing approach. Toyota, for example, has a unique approach that you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand that does other comprehensive manufacturing processes that it applies—that is, it masters the production of auto parts “by hand” before entering the automated assembly stage.

And the automated assembly phase is supervised by specialized engineers until perfect completion, even if this requires changes to the design of parts and components more than once, “without being constrained by production dates”. the concern is to produce limited numbers in final fixed time For this reason, Toyota often alternates the use of the same components with some improvements in its newer cars, because the process of creating new components from scratch requires more effort and a longer time to be produced at the same level of quality required by the brand.

Toyota Corolla reliability

Among the Toyota cars that benefit most from the upgraded high-reliability components is the Toyota Corolla, which won the title of most reliable car from JD Power’s report for the year 2022, and was awarded the title of top reliability by other institutions like Repairpal, which ranked it number one in the compact car category over Toyota, 35 cars up.

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Toyota Hilux reliability

The Toyota Hilux is considered by many to be the best running historic pickup, and tests have shown that the car performs when placed under exceptional – even supernatural – use conditions and the Top Gear series of episodes since journalist Jeremy Clarkson just dumps, burns and scraps the pickup, but it stays consistent and its engine always comes back to life, even if primitive tools are used to connect loose parts.

The secret of the reliability of the Toyota Hilux throughout its history is due to several factors, starting with the method of manufacturing the chassis to which the Japanese brand adhered, i.e. the use of a closed chassis to give the car durability, while manufacturers from America used hollow frame tires from one of the four sides to give The car is supple, whether or not this approach requires making the frame thicker and heavier, unlike Toyota’s approach which made them given light weight, and therefore increased carrying capacity and towing capacity.. Currently, 99% of pickup trucks of various automakers around the world are manufactured in the Toyota approach – closed-frame chassis.

It is also worth noting the quality of the engine in the Hilux models, especially the 2.4 liter 22RE engine used in 5 models for more than 15 years.. This engine was distinguished by an average working distance of 800,000km before it would break.

Toyota, square mesh

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