from censorship in the center, Milan stops – Libero Quotidiano

Crazy stuff. To scream. And above all by censorship. We return to talk about the volcanic and wonderful Taylor Mega, one that certainly does not go unnoticed and that does nothing to avoid being noticed. The latest feat, rigorously documented on Instagram, comes from Milan. From the heart of the city, from Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, next to Piazza Duomo.

Yes, because Taylor Mega showed up in the Gallery with a red dot outfit: super short shorts that left her long legs bare e side B in substantial good display, without veils. Hot views and screaming shapes. At the foot, an ordinance stiletto heel, and off to parade as if on a catwalk. And all stop to admire his latest provocation. “Sensitive content,” warns Taylor Mega, with irony, in the text related to the photographs. Spectacular.



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