From 31 December to 3 January Italy returns to the red zone

Travel – Without prejudice to the fact that the return to one’s residence, domicile or home is always a legitimate reason for moving, and that it is always possible to move for reasons of work, health or necessity, without distinction between days and times, until 6 January travel is prohibited. outside the Region, also to visit relatives and friends. But there are some exceptions: on the red days (24, 25, 26, 27, 31 December and 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 January) it is possible to make only one trip per day to visit relatives and friends, however for a maximum of two people to which children under 14, the disabled or non self-sufficient people can be added; these trips will also be allowed outside their own municipality, as long as they are in the same region, always from 5 to 22. On the orange days (28, 29, 30 December and 4 January) the movements are free within the own municipality, from 5 at 10 pm, as well as visits, keeping the same principle and a maximum of two non-cohabitants visiting per home. On the same days, travel outside municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants within a radius of 30 kilometers (even in another region) is permitted, but not in the provincial capitals. For each movement it is necessary to have self-certification.

Second box – Up to January 6, travel to second homes within the same region is allowed, but only from 5 to 10 pm. Those in other regions are prohibited.

Visits to non self-sufficient relatives – Movements will be allowed until January 6 even between different municipalities and regions.

Reunion for couples living in different cities – It is possible to move only if the place chosen for the reunification coincides with the one in which one has residence, domicile or home.

Travel fines – In case of violation, a fine is applied which can range from 400 to 1,000 euros, and which can be increased by a third if the violation occurs “through the use of a vehicle”.

Business – Food shops, pharmacies and parapharmacies, tobacconists, newsagents, bookstores, hairdressers, laundries remain open even on red days. Closed clothing stores, jewelers, beauty centers, shopping centers (with the exception of permitted shops). Bars and restaurants closed all day, but take-away food will be allowed; home delivery scheduled from 5 to 22.

Messe – The faithful will be able to go to mass on both red and orange days as long as they have self-certification. In the red days you will have to choose churches close to your residence, in the orange days the faithful will be able to reach any sacred place located in the Municipality of residence, domicile or home. If it has a population not exceeding 5,000 inhabitants it is possible to go to churches located in other municipalities that are not provincial capitals and not more than 30 km away.

Parties and events – Parties in public and private places are always prohibited.

Sport – It is allowed to carry out both motor activity, individually and in the vicinity of one’s home as long as respecting the distance of at least one meter and with the obligation to use protective equipment, and sports activities, but also this only in individual form and exclusively outdoors.



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