Friends of the late rapper Coolio think they know the cause of his death | Celebrity

Coolio was found dead last week at the age of 59 on the bathroom floor of a friend’s house in Los Angeles. To date, the official cause of the rapper’s death is still unknown. But several reports suggest he suffered cardiac arrest.

Coolio’s friends, however, believe his “severe asthma” may have been the impetus for this. Research from the American Heart Association shows that people with persistent asthma have a higher risk of developing heart arrhythmias.

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Despite his health, Coolio was on stage several times in the days leading up to his death. Fans also testified that Coolio was “very energetic and happy” during his last appearances. Montell Jordan, with whom Coolio was on tour a few days before his death, also confirms that he did not see Coolio’s sudden death arrive: “I spent weeks and months with him and I have absolutely no idea what the circumstances of his death. I didn’t see anything that could be a clue to what happened to him, “concluded the” This Is How We Do It “singer.

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