Friday Magazine | “Nobody told me I had an anxiety disorder”

That model Kendall Jenner always under Panic attacks is known. But last Friday the 24-year-old was on the TV show “Good Morning America” more open than ever about theirs mental illness spoken.

“I was very youngwhen I suddenly felt no longer breathe to be able to. I’ll be mine then Mom ran and told her something with me not true“recalls Kendall.

“My panic attacks were crazy”

Kris Jenner was thereupon with her daughter different doctors driven to everyone physical causes for shortness of breath to exclude. The diagnosis: Kendall was missing nothing. “Nobody told me that I have one Anxiety disorder have.”

All the more relieved was Kendall than before four Years the symptoms with full of force came back – and finally the mental illness diagnosed has been. “My panic attacks were crazy. But that’s what I got Finally Experiencedwhat I need to know – and was able to start psychotherapy. “

How are you really

You are currently doing that Corona crisis to create – mostly because they’re like that little deflection have, says Kendall. “If there is not much going on with me, it often crawls anxiety high in me. “

So that people with their panic attacks, fears or worries Not alone feel, Kendall has along with Kenneth Cole the #HowAreYouReally-Challenge launched on social media. The New York designer has been campaigning for a long time Mental health issues a. Equipped with the hashtag, as many people as possible should tell how you are doing – entirely honest and unadorned.

And, of course, there is also a proper challenge Nominations. Kendall chose hair stylist Jen Atkin, her half-sister Kim Kardashian also for Justin and Hailey Bieber decided.

Many universities have psychological counseling centers that can help you if you also experience anxiety and / or panic attacks. More information and addresses of contact points and therapists are available from the Swiss Society for Anxiety and Depression ( and Swiss Fear and Panic Relief ( In the SGAD and at the APHS there are also hotlines that you can contact directly in an emergency.

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