Friday Magazine | Guys, do you like to express pimples to your sweetheart?

After episode 2 of the Facebook reality series “The Biebers on Watch” we know them Spouses Hailey and Justin Bieber a bit better. For example, we now know that Justin is one Gluten allergy has and Hailey tolerates gluten, but still mostly to gluten-free products reaches because it looks like normal pasta “too crowded” feels.

We also learned that Justin was very concerned about it happy, as soon as possible trip to go – on him Hailey Of course accompany will and of course also very much looking forward to it (One can really hope that Hailey will not forget her own life for the sheer Justin. Unfortunately, it looks a little bit like that).

Hailey fights Justin’s acne

At least while Hailey in the Facebook video gluten-free pasta cooks, Justin prances around her, holds a dog in the camera, occasionally stirs in the sauce and interviews his partner for minutes like a highly motivated lifestyle editor about Skincare. Apparently one of Hailey’s absolute favorite topics.

“Justin actually has really great skin, but he’s been fighting for two years Adult acne“Hailey suddenly says about Justin in the third person.” Since we were at home because of Corona, I have been much more specific about skin care explored. Justin will be after this time perfect skin do we have work intense about it. “

“The full program”

And what this work looks like, Justin adds a few seconds later: “Hailey regularly presses mine Pimples from, it cares for my skin Sera and maskn – the full program. “

Too much information? For sure! But also a exciting topic, as we found out in our morning editorial call. Therefore we want to know from you now:

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