Freshman SR! Hyaluronic Watermelon Serum add water to the skin, adjust the skin, clear skin, comfortable skin.

Hello hello everyone

The weather is very inclement these days. It will be hot. Then it will rain. The weather is dry like this, which makes the facial skin of Om. there is dryness But sometimes it turns greasy. and look dull too T^T

and with savings I like using serums already. Recently, I have used one serum. My sister is Royal Beauty’s Watermelon Serum Newly released….it’s been used for about 2 weeks already!! Well, I like it very much, so I picked it up to review for my friends to see. Let’s get started!!

I must say that Personally, Aom likes to use serum already. Because with the texture, it is easily absorbed into the skin. and has a lightness non sticky

which Hyaluronic water melon serum This one is just like that, very juicy and easy to use.

with main extracts from watermelon that keep the skin moist by working together with Glutathione that helps clear skinraspberry extract reduce skin inflammation Helps reduce dark circles, white skin and hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin Makes the skin full of water, full. cantaloupe extract that is an antioxidant and tighten pores, plus Witch Hazel Extract That helps reduce oiliness on the skin as well.

Hyaluronic Watermelon Serum is gentle on the skin. Because there is no alcohol, noFragrance-free, oil-free, preservative-free, and colour-free, suitable for all skin types. Sensitive skin can use it.

The serum is clear, concentrated, but after applying the skin, it is light and absorbs into the skin quickly. This one doesn’t smell of perfume. Easy to use. Feel comfortable that it’s not allergic too.

First thing after using it That is, when applied, the skin looks juicy, full, and has more moisture. Reduce dryness on the skin quite well.

Measure the moisture content after applying.

and after saving Have been using it continuously for about 2 weeks and feel that the skin looks smooth. Look more detailed, skin is full, radiant (feeling like drinking 2 liters of water every day, 5555+), tightening pores, feeling that the facial skin looks more radiant. look bright, not shabby It looks fresh and moist.

who wants Serum that helps boost skin to be full, moisturized and white skin, tighten pores at a cute price, not expensive, plus cheap and good. Try it. Hyaluronic water melon serum Royal Beauty 129 per bottle. You can go to order at 7-11.

For today, we have to say goodbye. See you again, bye bye >///

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