Frequently stealing friends’ food, this Muslim student is trapped into using pork


One student admitted that his friends often stole his food. Upset by this treatment, he dares to trap his Muslim friends for food Pig.

Eating with his friends in the school cafeteria, a student is known to his friends as someone who likes to ask for food without permission. Many of his friends are often annoyed by the child’s actions.

One of them is a student who shared his complaints through his personal Reddit account. The food theft incidents never fail to make him emotional and unable to bear eating with his friends.

This student said that one of his friends even had a Muslim who stole his food several times. Trying to discourage his friends, he did this unexpected thing.

Eating with his friends in the cafeteria, this student expressed his frustration at having his food stolen. Photo: Bored Panda

Quoting Bored Panda (11/27), a student who goes by the name Prez is one of the US school students. He shared that every lunchtime he ate with his friends and ordered fries and cheese at his cafeteria.

But it is said that many friends often steal his food when he is off guard. According to him, the one who eats more food than him is his friend who is a Muslim who always eats halal food.

Her school canteen offers a choice of halal and non-halal food, one of which is the cheese fries she always orders. But because he was annoyed that it was stolen, he did something unexpected to his Muslim friend.

“Our school cafeteria gives us the option of getting french fries and bacon as well. I purposely ordered this to dissuade my Muslim friend from stealing my food,” the student said.

Frequently stealing friends' food, this Muslim student is trapped into using porkTo discourage his Muslim friends, he deliberately ordered french fries and pork belly. Photo: Bored Panda

Unexpectedly this experiment managed to anger his friend. The student is even considered someone who has no tolerance for his friends because he ordered their bacon Pig.

“They said I didn’t abide by my friend’s food rules. I then replied that the food rules wouldn’t be an issue if he didn’t continue to eat my food,” Prez continued.

Prez thought this was the best way to get his friends to stop stealing the food he ordered. But there are a lot of pro and con comments that Preez actually gets in his uploads.

“Are you sure your friend has enough food? What if he steals your food just because he’s hungry? It’s not good what your friend did, but your revenge is just as bad,” wrote one netizen.

“How can he say he eats Pig it is haram as he ate stolen food. His actions prove that he is not smart enough,” another netizen continued.

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